September 12, 2009 - Pulling Together for Henry

A Note from Laurey - September 12, 2009

Pulling Together for Henry
By Laurey Masterton
What a difference a week makes.
Last week at this time I was filled with dread about the coming days. Emily and Adam were leaving to go to Duke to get medical help for their little boy, Henry. I share more than my work days with them and I was feeling very sad about them leaving, sad about what they were headed for, and frightened about what my life would be like without them.
Monday was Labor Day. And actually, the day before that, Sunday, I spent most of the day sleeping. I must have been very tired because I think I slept for almost the entire day, off and on. I slept a lot on Monday too and would have hidden away on Tuesday too if Iíd been able to. But Iím filling in for Martha, one of our cooks, and Iíd promised to be the early girl on Tuesday so I dragged myself up, apologized to the cat and dog for leaving them in the pitch dark, and, with a heavy feeling, went to work.
Once I got my apron on and my knife going, things got a little bit better. And, once I realized that my being there was not merely decorative, but actually necessary, I felt better still. I cooked until mid afternoon and then, with a start, realized I was behind, big time, for my first cooking class which was starting in a few hours.
Fortunately Iíd been musing about it off and on for a while, so the actual getting ready breezed out of me. By 6 the Garden Roomís tables were set, my portable burnerís fuel tanks were ready, and the list of the class recipes were typed. Whew! Just in time, as the guests/students started to arrive.
Class was good. Fun. Delicious.
On Wednesday I cooked again in the morning. Same on Thursday. In the afternoons I wrote menus, unburied my desk, sorted papers, planned for the next thing. And my mood, with each thing, lightened.
It helped to hear from Adam and Emily, to find that they were settled in, that Henry was doing well, that they were having good meetings with their doctors. My own level of exhaustion abated. I even went out to dinner two times, and enjoyed myself.
Next week is a big week for Henry, with some bigger medical procedures. Itís big week here too. Lots of parties. Classes. Farmerís Dinner. Cooking for me for one more week until Martha returns from Maine. And then, soon after, Iíll go see this sweet family and will see for myself how they are doing.
And in the meantime, Iím seeing that this team here is really a team. Everyone here is rising to the challenges of this unexpected occasion. Everyone is pulling together. Really good food is being made. The presentations are very nice. The ingredients are the best we can provide. The customers are happy and keep coming back. Weíre getting along well, taking care of each other. Weíre carrying on. And I donít feel like I will need to sleep for the entire day tomorrow. (Good thing, because Iím cooking for a party!)
Come say hello when youíre in my neighborhood.

-Laurey Masterton 

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