What happened to Earth Day nowadays? | "Love it or hate it, Earth Day’s just not what it used to be. What happened?" is answered by Kate Yoder on Apr. 22, 2019, via More>

Email the White House a holiday message about the Trump Shutdown | It's quite the American and patriotic thing to do; i.e., let the president know around the Christmas and New Year holidays just how well he's doing his job. And so far it's legal to make your email naughty or nice. In our case, we started our message to the White House with "Thank you so much, you White House grinches, especially Trump the Terrible, for closing down the government for the third time in two years." Contact the White House at More>RELATED: For the complete message to Trump from one Ashevillean with a not-so-happy-holiday message, visit commentaries: More>RELATED: "The government shutdown is going to hurt more people each day it continues," writes Aaron Mak on Dec. 26, 2018, via More>

Corporations grow backbones to save lives | To date, 15 major companies have pulled their support from the failing NRA: More>

Is "I am not a racist" today's equivalent of "I am not a crook"? | Trump channels Nixon as he continues his slide into an abyss of lies and deceit, taking down the GOP with him. Though 44 years apart in their utterances, the similarities of two presidents who became unfit to serve Americans is stark. Commentary by More>

Word of the Day: Kakistocracy | Ruled by the worst and most unscrupulous: More>

Save the Internet | The impending demise of Net Neutrality compliments of the Republicans will destroy the very bedrock of the Internet, a stage for all to play and prosper, be they local, small and weak or be they international, large and powerful. Trump's FCC is scheduled to end Net Neutrality at its meeting on Dec. 14, 2017 | More>

Mission Hospital and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Carolina Part Ways — and May Leave 'We The People' in The Big Hurt

In 2017, nobody thought the two largest healthcare organizations in Asheville and Western North Carolina — Mission Hospital and BCBSNC, the provider and the insurer — would not find a way at the last minute to come together with a new agreement that was good for everyone.

In previous years, whenever a new contract was required, negotiations oftentimes went down to the wire, but a new deal was always hammered out.

Unfortunately, this year, in early October 2017, the seemingly impossible break between the two regional healthcare giants actually happened, as reported by Triangle Business Journal. | More>


"Rarely have so few imposed so much damage on so many."
- Bill Moyers

Bill Moyers takes on John Roberts Court ruling that "corporations are people"

Once again, journalist Bill Moyers proves his analytic ability, as evidenced in his recent essay, entitled "Fighting Back Against Corporate Personhood." | Writes Bill Moyers: "Citizens United is but the latest battle in the class war waged for thirty years from the top down by the corporate and political right. Instead of creating a fair and level playing field for all, government would become the agent of the powerful and the wealthy." | More>

 Gas should be $2.49 a gallon today | columnist Pat Richards explains why it isn't | More>

The rich and the rest of us | The top 1% of American households own the same amount of wealth as the bottom 90% of American households, writes Don Peck in the September 2011 issue of The Atlantic. But the news gets worse: "The Great Recession has accelerated the hollowing-out of the American middle class." | More>

Russians win space race | On July 21, 2011, as the last U.S. space shuttle landed, Jim Beacon was connecting the dots on what this sonic boom event really means: "There was some justifiable criticism of the Space Shuttle because it was 'old,' having been built in the late 1970's — but of course, it had undergone several major updates over the years and at the end was flying with state of the art computers and other modern systems. But, hey, at least we've finally solved *that* problem — we will no longer be flying into space on board an 'old' system built in 1977 — no, we will now be flying into space on board an old system built in 1966 instead!" | Complete commentary: More>

Worse than Bush, Obama poised to sacrifice more of Americans' basic rights and liberties, reports a critical New York Times op-ed | On June 18, 2011, the New York Times wrote an editorial highly critical of Obama's willingness to allow for greater F.B.I. intrusion into Americans' right to privacy: "The Obama administration ... seems ready to lurch even farther down that dismal road than George W. Bush did. | Complete commentary: More>

"Happy" author Ian Smith talks about how to get the most out of life | July 5, 2010, discussion with PBS's Tavis Smiley includes ways to combat obesity and figure out what is most important to you. | Complete commentary: More>

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