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Asheville Green Drinks | Downtown Asheville's popular local networking party — long known for its inspiring talks by speakers knowledgeable in all things green — is now "rebooting," explains executive director Joe Malki. In the meantime, he encourages supporters to attend monthly meetups at The Block off Biltmore | | More>

Canary Coalition | A highly regarded grassroots organization led by Avram Friedman continues the good fight for clean air in the region | | More>

Coalition of Asheville Neighborhoods | Largest group of city residents who address quality of life issues | |  More>

Firestorm Cafe & Books | Previously located in Downtown Asheville, this favorite hub for many grassroots groups and activists has moved to nice digs in West Asheville. | | More>

League of Women Voters of Asheville-Buncombe County | Each election cycle, known for organizing public debates of the candidates | More>

Mountain Area Information Network | M.A.I.N. provides news and views of interest to area residents | | More>

Veterans For Peace | | More>

WENOCA | Sierra Club of Western North Carolina | One of the region's oldest and most influential environmental group's | | More>


Public invited to May 16 noise nuisance forum | "The City of Asheville invites everyone to attend a Residents Noise Ordinance Forum on May 16, 2019, at the Dr. Wesley Grant Sr. Southside Center, 285 Livingston St. There will be two sessions — one at 8:30 a.m. and another at 5:30 p.m." Tell your troubles. Give your opinions. There's a chance that some changes might be made to make Asheville more liveable. Details at More>


Environmental activists: Meetup with 350Asheville in December | Activate your activism this holiday season with a meetup sponsored by one of the nation's top environmental groups who take climate change seriously, For Asheville Area dates and details, visit More> | RELATED: Details about 350's national and international work, founded in part by Bill McKibben, visit More>

2018 Today: "Pittsburgh prepares officers for possible riots in case Trump fires Mueller," and what about Asheville? | Posted April 19, 2018, The Guardian article quoted a Pittsburgh, PA, police commander whose email stated: "There is a belief that President Trump will soon move to fire Special Prosecutor Mueller. This would result in a large protest within 24 hours of the firing." To date, 350,000 have signed up nationwide for the Mueller Rapid Response Protest; of that number, over 2,300 people have signed up in Pittsburgh. And to date, in Asheville, over 1,200 attendees have signed up for the rapid response protest organized by Indivisible. This news and more at "2018 Today" via More>

The Stunning Non-Partisan Truth about the Darkest Republican Tax Bill Ever
The stunning, shocking and hair-pulling Washington Post headline published on Nov. 16, 2017, will have Americans with a heart and a brain screaming for economic justice. | More>

Veterans For Peace reject Trump's 2018 military budget, ask Americans to sign petition
Instead of a military buildup, the national group of activist veterans with an active Asheville chapter, known as Veterans for Peace, encourages the U.S. Congress to decrease spending on the military and "to increase spending on human needs at home and abroad."  They are now asking Americans to sign an online petition aimed at Republican and Democratic congressmen to "fund people's needs, not Trump's military greed." | | More>

Feedback for United Airlines? A questionable corporate action on a United Airlines flight has found a new and horrible way to outrage not only Americans, but Asian citizens as well. Given public outcry against United's violent removal of a passenger, the "Fly The Bloody Skies of Disunited" airline does not have a Violence Department to address your concerns if you fly United out of Asheville, but offers its Customer Care Department for your comments: More>

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