Shuler votes with Tea Party

► Really? Really. Shuler votes YES to slash Medicare

Really. Republicans in the U.S. House of Representative along with five Democrats that included Heath Shuler, voted YES to the so-called "Cut, Cap & Balance" proposed bill that would slash Medicare for seniors. Really. U.S. Rep. Health Shuler, along with four other Blue Dog Democrats, were the only Democrats to join Republicans to gut Medicare. Furthermore, this Republican and Blue Dog Democrat scheme, if enacted, would cost roughly 700,000 Americans their jobs in the first year alone. Really. U.S. Rep. Health Shuler of the 11th NC District voted FOR the measure that begs the question: "Who needs a Republican to run in Western North Carolina when Rep. Health Shuler, a so-called Democrat, is already in place?" | For news about the latest political theatre in the debt and default crisis, visit More>

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