Just saying about Murdoch

Full size: Click Here • This MAC cartoon was published in the UK by The Daily Mail

Jus' sayin' ... WHY LOCAL community news — and personal opinions — are important | Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation owns the Tea Party mouthpiece otherwise known as Fox News, as well as the used-to-be-great, now pro-greed-all-the-time Wall Street Journal. So wonder why the world's a mess? Wikipedia provides a comprehensive list of News Corporation's worldwide media assets: More>The latest on Murdoch's evil empire doings by some who are trying to reel it in: NYTimes.com, HuffPost.com, WashingtonPost.com, ProPublica.org | How Murdoch reporters' bribes break U.S. law: More>Guide to the phone hacking scandal: More>News Corp. withdraws bid for UK satellite broadcasting giant: More>

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