Photo: Zen Sutherland

Are you doing your fair share... to Keep Asheville Weird?

There are so many wonderful ways that residents, commuters and visitors help Keep Asheville Weird. Of course, everyone has a different take on what it all means. It's kind of like seeing something, well, weird, and knowing that it's weird. That's how is keeping it real... weird.

What's on your weird radar? Have a story? A photo? A photo caption? A YouTube video? If so, let know how you are doing your part.

Share the weirdness! Email: byron (at) or Click Here>

How do YOU Keep Asheville Weird? | "Keep Asheville Weird" has been a popular phrase and bumper sticker that has become a common sight in Downtown Asheville. It's akin to hippies in the days of old enjoying the phrase, and being accused of being a freak as in, "You're a freak." | In a similar good-natured way, count the ways that Ashevillians and those who love Asheville continue to KEEP ASHEVILLE WEIRD. | Click on the topics above to get a bead on what this all means.


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