Bill Moyers takes on Corporations Are People ruling

Bill Moyers takes on John Roberts Court ruling that "corporations are people"

The analytic power of journalist Bill Moyers is unequaled, as evidenced in his recent essay, entitled "Fighting Back Against Corporate Personhood."

Moyers explains the national harm of the atrocious ruling of chief justice John Roberts, who led the selling of the U.S. Constitution down the river, with his 5-4 Supreme Court's vote in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission.

Writes Moyers: "In wake of Citizens United, popular resistance is all that can prevent the richest economic interests in the country from buying the democratic process lock, stock, and barrel."

Bill Moyers eloquently continues: "Citizens United is but the latest battle in the class war waged for thirty years from the top down by the corporate and political right. Instead of creating a fair and level playing field for all, government would become the agent of the powerful and the wealthy."

Chief Justice Roberts along with four other neo-conservative justices agreed with the Citizen United's bizarre notion that "corporations are people." 

This corporate-endorsed ruling is supported by Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate front runner, who infamously proclaimed on camera, "Corporations ARE people!"

For Bill Moyers' complete "Corporations are NOT people" commentary that refutes such wrong-head thinking by the majority of the U.S. Supreme in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission, Click Here>


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