Assault Weapons Kill

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After the "TEN TWO" Las Vegas massacre, are Americans ready for Congress to ban assault weapons?

Just in case you lost track of mass murders by automatic weapons' bullets literally ripping apart innocent Americans, here's the latest bloody reminder: On October 2, 2017 — or call it TEN TWO — the most horrific and greatest mass murder by assault weapons in the United States of America took place with 58 reported dead at an outdoor country music concert in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This Las Vegas death count by assault weapon tops those 49 who were killed in the 2016 Orlando nightclub massacre. And Orlando's count topped the number of Americans killed in 2007 at Virginia Tech where the body count was 32. And the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut took 27 lives, most of them children, was expected to change everything, but didn't.

Will Las Vegas be the "enough is enough" massacre?

The dozens upon dozens of mass murders by lethal weapons before Las Vegas have become a blur in most Americans' minds. It's too much, too sad, too frequent to digest. It's great numbers are having a numbing effect on the average American. So is the inaction by Congress.

The massacres that had the sufficient numbers of people killed or wounded — whatever that unknown number needed to be — was then deemed to be sufficient to warrant the U.S. Congress giving enmasse their  most solemn of solemn bowed heads with moments of silence in the great halls of the U.S. Congress; a most pitiful response by the most powerful, do-nothing government in the world.

People don't kill. Monsters with assault weapons do.

Maybe, just maybe, enough is enough this time. Maybe this time the U.S. Congress will take action.

Maybe the president will shame them into action, something more than simply banning a gadget that can be attached to an already lethal weapon.

Maybe the U.S. Supreme Court will do its job in forcing the federal government to ban weapons that are military style, weapons no citizen-hunter needs to have when stalking wild game. Or maybe state governors can get the job done with individual statewide bans on assault weapons and enact "Trust But Verify" background check requirements for all who are packing.

Unfortunately, there should never be a law against electing stupid representatives. Dumb congressmen and their dangerous weapon supporters have become a fixture in Washington, D.C., and will no doubt continue to promote the dangerous, misguided, fake-news idea of "Guns don't kill, people do." But maybe someday when pigs fly, dumb congressman will no longer exist and neither will assault weapons in citizens' hands.

Here's the truth.

Larger massacres by guns continues unabated in America, as evidenced by the Las Vegas mass murder on Oct. 2, 2017. Maybe TEN TWO will become as well known by informed Americans as the number NINE ELEVEN.

And the total number of hometowns across America which have become killing fields increases year after year.

So what are normal, peace-loving, concerned and scared citizens to do? Go buy a gun? That will surely not help. But with each new massacre, people are more fearful and react by buying more guns and ammo. And they do it without any new regulations in place. They do it with no new law that requires them to be mentally fit or of good character. That certainly needs to change. Citizens must demand it.

Furthermore, Americans must ignore politicians who only give bowed heads, moments of silence and boatloads of sympathies. They all add up to nothing.

Congress can do the right thing by enacting new laws that protect Americans from monsters with assault weapons and powerful handguns. It's the only way.

Sympathy and prayers by politicians means nothing to the dead who have been massacred — and for all the other unknown Americans who will soon to be dead and dying. All Americans know that the  firepower delivered by crazies who should never be even allowed to own a paint gun will be in the news in the coming days and weeks.

The gun manufacturers that provide the monsters with the firepower are well known; they include Glock, Smith & Wesson, Beretta and others. But whatever the manufacturers names are who so proudly produce their killing machines, the US government continues, endlessly, to turn a blind eye and is their protectorate. They federal government protects the weapons manufacturers, and does nothing to protect American citizens. Something is wrong with that picture. Something is very, very wrong.

Come all ye voters who love life.

Concerned voters who want commonsense gun control and background checks must vote for new candidates who care about that important issue. 

Congressional candidates must openly shine a critical spotlight on the National Rifle Association (NRA) and encourage current NRA members to burn their membership cards and end their support of this misguided, greedy organization. The NRA is now on the wrong side of history, and for that it should pay with less membership, less respect and less money to do their evil work. 

There was a time when the NRA supported commonsense guns laws; now it's all about supporting manufacturers of assault weapons who want to sell, sell, sell to anyone. They know "People don't kill. Monsters with assault weapons do." But the NRA continues to promote the concept that "guns don't kill, people do." Clever, but wrong. Dead wrong.

What weapon would Jesus pack?

If you are religious and believe in a higher power, ask yourself, "What gun would God carry?" "What assault weapon would Jesus pack?" "What rocket launcher would Buddha prefer?" "What nuke would Allah drop?" The truthful answer is none of these higher beings would be packing anything at all but love, peace and harmony. And that's something Americans could use a whole lot more of today.

Citizens must protest and demonstrate for a safer America. They must vote for smart, informed Congresspeople who will pass laws with teeth that disarm the monsters. In doing so, American will save American lives. Because assault weapons kill.

The growing gun problem in America is simple math: More guns mean more shootings. More shootings mean more deaths. Conversely, less guns mean less death. More life is a good thing. A government buyback of assault weapons and lethal handguns would be a more than good idea. It's an idea that other civilized countries have already implemented.

Vote as if you life depended on it, because it does.

More assault weapons means more deaths. Less assault weapons means more Americans stay alive longer.

But only the U.S. Congress that is elected to represent American values can change the laws that will save us from more assault weapon massacres. They are our representatives. It's about time the do their jobs to represent us for our benefit, not for the benefit of weapons manufacturer.

Citizens must be convinced to go to the voting booths in 2018 and 2020 to elect candidates who will pass reasonable gun control laws. The time is well overdue for elected representatives to do Job Number One: protect and save Americans. A War on Assault Weapons is needed to slow today's growing domestic war.

Will sanity among voters return?

Maybe, just maybe, in 2018 and 2020, change will occur. Maybe, just maybe, American voters' sanity will return in sufficient numbers to win at the election booths.

To make America safe again, this great nation must elect new reps, who will pass commonsense gun control laws.

Saving American lives is the right thing to do. Congress must prevent monsters from sporting mile-long magazines attached to their military-style assault weapons.

The bottom line now: Vote truth to power. It can help you and your family stay alive longer. Staying alive is the ultimate pursuit of happiness.

Read more. Think more. Save more—American LIVES, that is. Real knowledge will help Make America Safe Again.

Consider the following facts, ideas, and commonsense reasons to ban assault weapons and require background checks on Americans prior to their purchasing firearms.

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Remember TEN TWO. Enough is enough. Assault weapons kill. Ban assault weapons. Now. Life is sacred. Always.

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