End 702: Stop Feds Invasion Against Privacy Rights


Remember 702 if you care about the destruction of digital privacy by the government against regular, non-criminal Americans.

Under Section 702, the U.S. Federal Government is legally allowed to collect information and remember EVERYTHING about Americans in its ever-growing secret databases. In a call to action, David Ruiz writes about the need to end or reform Section 702, which is broadly used by the feds in investigations without court oversight.

Ruiz's article and call to action, entitled, "End 702: 58 Human Rights and Civil Liberties Organizations Demand an End to the Backdoor Search Loophole," is timely, given so many Washington investigations. Ruiz writes, "The backdoor loophole allows federal government agencies, including the FBI and CIA, to, without a warrant, search through data collected on American citizens." 

What's a backdoor search loophole?

The long and short of it is this: information is being collected and stored about average Americans by the government without ever having to get a warrant from a court. Their collection of data about each American is being done without ever asking an individual's permission.

In essence, the government is treating average Americans as common criminals, because that is what the FBI and CIA do against criminals; i.e., they collect and search through and save information in databases about criminals for possible future use. So they want to apply this same practice to average, regular American folks. Sad, yes. Wrong, yes. Must be stopped? Absolutely!

That's why human rights group are fighting the government about Section 702. These privacy and free speech advocacy groups are trying to protect average Americans from this "backdoor search loophole."

They are demanding that this governmental practice must end. It must end, they argue, because it will preserve the privacy rights of Americans against an overly intrusive and authoritarian U.S. government.


This secretive information and big data grab by the U.S. government is Orwellian at its very foundation.

It is nothing short of surveillance by the powerful NSA, FBI and CIA against law-abiding citizens without their knowledge or permission. And the feds can do this spying on Americans with no need to request warrants or oversight by the courts.

Section 702 is a gross misuse of governmental power. It is eroding the privacy rights of all Americans. Section 702 is authoritarian, not democratic. It is simply domestic spying by NSA government officials against the very voters and citizens who count on them to operate as an integral, ethical arm of the government that supports democracy and citizens' rights.


A number of nonprofits are trying to push back against the U.S. government and preserve Americans rights to privacy.

EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), a leading nonprofit protecting Americans digital privacy and free speech rights, along with 57 other organizations, including the ACLU and the NAACP, wrote a letter to demand that the government end Section 702. To learn more and to speak truth to power to end 702, visit www.eff.org | Read More>


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In additional related news, evidence of the vulnerability of U.S. government databases is obvious and should be of concern to Americans, as reported on Oct. 10, 2017, in a NYTimes.com article, entitled "How Israel Caught Russian Hackers Scouring the World for U.S. Secrets," written by Nicole Perlroth and Scott Shane. | Read More>

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