U.S. Chamber Supports NAFTA

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Supports NAFTA | On Oct. 10, 2017, Reuters.com reported that 300 local chambers across the nation signed a letter along with the support of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce urging Pres. Trump to keep NAFTA in place so as to avoid hurting American businesses. The letter was sent in response to many businesses fearing that NAFTA is doomed, given Trump's recent tough talk against the trade agreement that involves the U.S., Mexico and Canada. | More>


NYTimes.com reported on Oct.11, 2017, that the demise of NAFTA appeared to be imminent given Trump's tough talk to renegotiate or end the agreement. The Times article, "Trump's Tough Talk on Nafta Suggest Pact's Demise is Imminent" by Ana Swanson, stated the ending of NAFTA would have detrimental business impact not only in North America, but worldwide. | More>

Does the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce support or reject NAFTA? Currently, as of Oct. 11, 2017, no press release answering that question has been posted on the local chamber's website at www.AshevilleChamber.org | More>


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