Mission Hospital and The Blues end health contract

Mission Hospital and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Carolina Part Ways — and May Leave 'We The People' in The Big Hurt

In 2017, nobody thought the two largest healthcare organizations in Asheville and Western North Carolina — Mission Hospital and BCBSNC, the provider and the insurer — would not find a way at the last minute to come together with a new agreement that was good for everyone. In previous years, whenever a new contract was required, negotiations oftentimes went down to the wire, but a new deal was always hammered out.

Unfortunately, this year, in early October 2017, the seemingly impossible break between the two regional healthcare giants actually happened, as reported by Triangle Business Journal.

Now it's mid-October, and nothing good seems to have happened, at least not in public. So what's the deal, what's the solution? It's simple: Mission and The Blues need to sit down NOW, and get the job done for the benefit, first and foremost, of the people. Otherwise, it's going to get complicated, real complicated: soon, it will be time to call the governor and get the state involved.

Why? It's obvious to the public: this isn't playing checkers; this is life and death, on many levels. And the bottom line to the current impasse between Mission and The Blues is it could be life and death, literally, for too many people who have put their trust and, at times, fortunes, into both organizations for years.

So if nothing happens soon, perhaps the Governor's office with the State Attorney General along with UNC Healthcare might have some ideas and actions to rectify the matter properly and promptly for those who matter the most: WE THE PEOPLE.

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