Charter in fight with employees over contract

Charter Communications/Spectrum continues its fight with NYC employees in long-running labor dispute | Will its effects spill over into Asheville and elsewhere?

Charter Communications, now marketing itself as Spectrum in Asheville and other cities, is having a major long-running labor dispute with 1,800 New York City employees, who joined Spectrum when Time Warner Cable merged with Charter/Spectrum, reported The Guardian. The new contract that Charter wants its International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 3 employees to accept would slash employee healthcare and pension benefits. So far, any negative effects resulting from the ongoing 2017 IBEW dispute apparently have not spilled over into other cities served by Charter/Spectrum. For details, visit or Click Here>

While Charter had been fighting only one union, the IBEW Local 3, that changed in September 2017 when dozens of other union leaders, as well as prominent politicians such as New York governor Andrew Cuomo and NYC mayor Bill de Blasio, showed their support for labor. For more news about the growing employee conflict with Charter as reported by New York Daily News, visit or Click Here>

IBEW Local 3 provides its take on the Charter dispute at or Click Here>

Stamford Advocate provides additional details about the Charter-IBEW dispute and makes the point that the longer the problem exists unresolved, both sides are likely to pay a price. Visit "Charter faces major test with technician strike" at or Click Here>


Beyond the Charter/Spectrum employee dispute, offers a broad range of information about worker rights, including union rights: Click Here>

Reviews of service by Charter/Spectrum customers include comments of those who formerly used Time Warner Cable before the merger with Charter/Spectrum. For review comments, visit or Click Here>


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