Fix it, kids



Both parties, Mission and The Blues are pointing the finger at each other, blaming each for being unfair and unwilling to compromise. So who loses? We the People.

Walking away from the negotiations table is bad for everyone. When Mission Health and Blue Cross/Blue Shield gave up on compromise, who lost? Everyone.

We the People lost because now we lack top quality, affordable health care. Mission lost because its quality of service will likely be affected since at some point it will likely have to cut back on staff and services. The Blues are losers because they are laying the unfortunate groundwork for looking like being incompentents or  bullies or both when they say they just couldn't figure out a way to serve their customers as they had in the past. 

We the People need affordable health care services. We the People in Asheville and Western North Carolina have long trusted and depended and were proud of our health care system that worked reasonably well for the most part, well enough to attract many new residents and retirees. Everyone knows building a good reputation takes years, but it takes little time to lose it.

Both parties, Mission and The Blues, walking away from the negotiations table is wrong, plain and simple. We the People don't care who got up first and left, or who won't come back and get it all worked out. That's just child's talk. Taking the ball and saying it's mine is meaningless to We the People. The back and forth blaming is besides the point. The point is to serve the people. Period.

The current unwillingness of the region's two health care giants, Mission and The Blues, to successfully achieve a new contract so as to keep the people in-network at the region's largest and most respected regional healthcare system is without precedence in Asheville.

Instead, by walking away from the negotiations table, Mission and The Blues thumbed their noses at the public and left the public in a big hurt, perhaps even in some cases in life-or-death situations. So who pays? We the People.

If "Do no harm" is the physician's credo, what is the health insurance company's credo, "Pay more now"?

It's time for Mission and The Blues to become adults again. We the People want, need and demand a signed contract that works for all parties.

Whatever happened to the community spirit of having a meeting of minds?

Enough already.

Fix it, kids, fix it now.

Or let the Governor or the State Attorney General tell Mission and The Blues how it's going to be.

No wonder We the People keep bumping up against a growing commonsense solution: Medicare For All. It sure seems to be making more sense in Asheville and Western North Carolina every day thanks to the kids who can't figure out how to play ball together anymore.

Shameful. Disgraceful. This situation cannot stand. Mission Health without being in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina? It won't stand. At some point, the public is going to look to the government or courts to find a solution.

It won't be the best solution, but it will be a better solution than what is going on now. | More>

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