Asheville Urban Trail


Downtown Asheville URBAN TRAIL: Take your 'daily constitutional' and satisfy your curiosity about local history

Fun and physical, a walk along the Urban Trail in Downtown Asheville is a free walking history tour of local lore. The walk takes approximately two hours.

The Urban Trail is comprised of 30 sculptural stations and a wonderful way to enjoy the architectural uniqueness of the city. provides an excellent guide that includes an interactive map, a printable map and an audio tour | Click Here>

For armchair walkers, follows is a video tour of each of the 30 Urban Trail stations:

Station 1: A Walk into History | Video>

Station 2: Crossroads | Video>

Station 3: Stepping Out | Video>

Station 4: O. Henry | Video>

Station 5: Immortal Image | Video>

Station 6: Elizabeth Blackwell | Video>

Station 7: Art Deco Masterpiece | S&W Cafeteria across from Pritchard Park | Video>

Station 8: Flat Iron Architecture | Flat Iron Building at Wall Street and Battery Park Ave. across from Haywood Park Hotel | Video>

Station 9: Cat Walk | Bronze artwalk created by the late, internationally famous and locally loved artist-sculptor Vadim Bora | Video>

Station 10: Grove's Vision | The spectacular Grove Arcade with its restaurants, retail shops, offices and condos | Video>

Station 11: Historic Hilltop | Celebrating the Battery Park Hotel, this station is located in front of the Captain's Bookstore | Video>

Station 12: Guastavino's Monument | The Basilica of St. Lawrence, located across from the beautiful stonework of the Asheville Civic Center, features North America's largest unsupported elliptical dome with its incredible tiles | Video>

Station 13: Appalachian Stage | Bronze sculptures of mountain musicians and dancers, located directly in front of the Asheville Civic Center (now graced with the controversial U.S. Cellular sign) | Video>

Station 14: Shopping Daze | Located in front of Malaprops, Asheville's popular independent bookstore where Urban Trail lovers can purchase the Urban Trail book written by Constance Richards Bora | Video>

Station 15: Marketplace | A bowl full of apples, located on W. Walnut Street near N. Lexington, celebrating the area's history of markets and livery stables | Video>

Station 16: Legacy of Design | Featuring a bronze statue of a boy on stilts | Video>

Station 17: Woodfin House | Located on Woodfin St. near Broadway St. | Video>

Station 18: Wolfe's Neighborhood | Celebrating one of America's greatest novelists, Thomas Wolfe | Video>

Station 19: Dixieland | Located in front of the historic boarding home owned and operated by Thomas Wolfe's mother | Video>

Station 20: Curtain Calls | Located in front of the Asheville Community Theatre | Video>

Station 21: On the Move | A whirl of fun at this silvery station that turns to the touch, located at N. Market and E. Walnut streets | Video>

Station 22: Civic Pride | Video>

Station 23: Man and Mountain | Video>

Station 24: Time Remembered | Video>

Station 25: Ellington's Dream | Video>

Station 26: Past and Promise | A bronze statue of a little girl drinking at a fountain is one of the Urban Trail's favorite stations | Video>

Station 27: Monument Corner | Video>

Station 28: Brick Artisan | Video>

Station 29: The Block | Celebrates Asheville's African-American community, both past and present | Video>

Station 30: Hotel District | Bronze eagle, located at the corner of Eagle Street and Biltmore Ave., near the Fine Arts Theatre | Video>


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