Secrets to Living A Long Life

'Given My Antiquity'

Secrets to Living a Long Life: Some Practical, Some Fun — from 'mind your own business' to 'eat bacon' to 'stay positive' and more

By Byron Belzak,
Posted Nov. 13, 2017

Charles Belzak, my father, lived just shy of 95 years old. He was known for being a gentleman, being kind and prone to few words, most of which were an understatement, such as, "Given my antiquity, I can say that old age has it surprises, and not all of them are pleasant." He would then chuckle at his insight.

Charlie, as he would introduce himself, always stayed positive throughout his life. He also read a lot of books on a wide variety of subjects, so he had something to say, usually good, on a myriad of subjects. He told me he was pleased to have made it so long, and "wanted to live a whole lot more." And Charlie attributed his antiquity to one main factor: "Live life in moderation." And he did, rest his soul.

In Western North Carolina, health care quality and affordability are likely to be going south since Mission Health and Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina no longer have a contract. (It's shameful, and must be remedied sooner than later.) Given that clear and present danger to all Ashevilleans, especially the elderly, advice from those who have reached a ripe and happy old age, might put a smile on your face and a few extra years under your belt, as follows:

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Ruth and Latrobe Carroll, a married couple who lived in Asheville, both made it to being over 100 years old. Perhaps their longevity can be attributed to their creative spirit. They are known for writing and illustrating a number of popular children's books, according to | Read more>


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