Asheville keeps ownership of its water system

Whew! The Court Did the Right Thing

"The People, Yes"


City will keep water system,
rules NC high court

Yet some Republicans say the fight is not over

Thanks to a recent 5-2 ruling by the North Carolina Supreme Court, the people of Asheville will keep its water system. For five years, the City of Asheville fought against Republicans in North Carolina who wanted to take over its water system valued at approximately $173 million — and pay nothing for it.

On Dec. 21, 2016, the North Carolina Supreme Court held true to the people's will and sent the Republicans'  misguided point of view packing. In short, Asheville gets to keep its water system, ruled the NC Supreme Court, based on it being unconstitutional. Nonetheless, at least one powerful Republican still says the battle for Asheville's water system is not yet over, reported the Asheville Daily Planet. More>

Carl Sandburg would have been proud of the North Carolina Supreme Court ruling that favored the interests of the common man over the power of misguided politicians:

Celebrate with Carl Sandburg. To celebrate the water win and be inspired to continue the good fight against injustices by greedy and vindictive forces, visit the Carl Sandburg house. This national historic site is located in Flat Rock, NC, located just south of Asheville. Sandburg, winner of three Pulitzer prizes, is known as "Poet of the People" and admired for his resistance against oppression, as evidenced in his epic prose poem, "The People, Yes." Asheville area citizens should be proud and appreciative of its city's successful fight to preserve the rights of "the plain people," as Sandburg would have said. For hours and directions to Sandburg's house and grounds: More> | For a funky, touching, animated video of Carl Sandburg's reading "The People, Yes": More>

For years, dauntlessly followed the political machinations of North Carolina Republicans who wanted to take over the Asheville water system against the will of the majority of Asheville citizens. Hat's off to them for their courage to keep citizens informed. The blog's summary and updates well explains the scandalous Republican tactics against Asheville. More> | The blog also provides a link to the complete NC Supreme Court ruling that stopped the NC Republican attempt to essentially steal Asheville's water system. More>

MountainXpress paints the big picture of Asheville's win against the Republican-run state legislature's attempt to take over the city's water system in its article "N.C. Supreme Court Rules Taking of Asheville Water System Unconstitutional." It's a worthwhile read: More>

In the 2012 election, Buncombe County citizens greatly opposed the loss of the city's ownership of the water system in a referendum. The referendum revealed by an 85% to 15% margin that North Carolinians of all political persuasions opposed the Asheville water takeover by legislative action, which was lead by Republicans in the NC state legislature. Yet NC Republicans ignored the will of the people and continued to support the Asheville water takeover. To better understand the reasons for the public's outrage against the attempted Republican takeover of Asheville's water system, visit The Progressive PulseMore>

Asheville mayor Esther Mannheimer provided an official statement after the NC Supreme Court ruled in favor of the city, assuring citizens and water customers that it would continue providing safe drinking water to them for many years to come: More>

Clean Water for North Carolina, a nonprofit organization, was a strong supporter of the people's perspective and the final ruling by the NC Supreme Court that protects Asheville from being required to transfer its water system to the state against its will and without payment: More>




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