Republican Tax Bill Opposed by Builders & Realtors

How badly will the Republican tax bill hurt Asheville's real estate market?

The Republican tax bill will negatively impact the lodging, housing, and real estate industry in the Asheville Area, as well as across North Carolina and the nation. Just how bad is still being figured out. However, immediately after the initial release of the tax details were analyzed, the Republicans were quickly and vehemently opposed by the real estate industry.

National Association of REALTORS (NAR) gives a thumbs down to the Republican tax bill because "the bill represents a tax increase on middle-class homeowners," announced the NAR, which is America's largest trade group comprised of 1.2 million members: More>

National Home Builders Association (NHBA) opposes the Republican tax bill, reports More>

The Republican tax bill "is a bad deal for hardworking American families" and the Republican tax changes "will hurt the middle class by lowering household wealth," said the chairman of the National Home Builders Association (NHBA), as reported by RISMedia, which conducts professional courses for REALTORs and the real estate industry: More>

Republican lies about its tax bill and Sen. Orrin Hatch feigns righteous outrage when the truth was publicly told by Sen. Sherrod Brown that the rich will get richer under the new bill, as analyzed and explained by Paul Krugman, economist and columnist at More>

The Party of Lincoln's Tax Bill Revealed — a political cartoon — might relieve the pain for Asheville's middle class, area homeowners, builders and REALTORs, if but for a moment, compliments of More>

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