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Save Net Neutrality, Save the Internet

Commentary by Byron Belzak, Publisher, MediaBear
Posted December 8, 2017

For over a year, MediaBear has proudly explained the importance and value of Net Neutrality to our clients and prospective clients. We hope we also had a positive impact on explaining the importance of Net Neutrality to the greater audience: America. In short, Net Neutrality is the bedrock of the Internet.

Without it, the Internet as we know it will be a much different place, a place that runs counter to the spirit upon which the Internet was founded: Democracy that allows great diversity of views by the individuals as well as exposure to businesses and organizations, no matter how big or small, all had equal standing and footing and chance of being seen and heard on the Internet.

No longer would this be true, should Net Neutrality be killed by Trump and the Republican Party, as it appears it will be. Killing the Internet would be a crippling blow to small businesses, such as mine, as well as to all other small, local companies and organizations.

Over time, the killing of Net Neutrality by the Republicans could kill our local business, MediaBear. So this issue is very personal to us at MediaBear and those who have enjoyed and profited from our content.

So how is Trump and his elected Trumpian Republicans helping small business like they said they would, before they were elected? There is only one truthful answer: they lied.

Follows is statement currently posted online at on the positive and necessary enforcement of Net Neutrality:


"If you are a small business, nonprofit, or an individual on a mission, MediaBear can help you be heard effectively.

"The 'For the People' Net Neutrality Act has become the law of the land. This is a good thing for the Little Guy.

"It means a small business or aspiring organization can publish online with the certainty of knowing that their voice — as well as their products and services — can be heard and supported.

"The Internet is not just an arena for the Big Guys. With Net Neutrality the Internet will remain a place for everyone, large and small, to prosper. The adage, "build it and they will come," remains a real possibility.

"Put it out there, and you have a chance of being heard. That's what online freedom of speech is all about."

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Note: The above statement is currently published on the homepage of or Click Here>

Note: News about Trump's FCC ending Net Neutrality at its Dec. 14, 2017 meeting: More>

Note: Net Neutrality would deal a massive blow against social movements across the nation, as explained in a interview: More>

Note: Wake Up Call concerning Net Neutrality by Erin Shield published Nov. 21, 2017 by the Center for Media Justice at More>

Note: is an online campaign by a number of well-known organizations to encourage Americans to sign a petition that supports keeping Net Neutrality: More>

Note: Perhaps most amazing as to how out of touch Trump and his administration are to the needs of small businesses and individuals is found in a most recent poll conducted by the University of Maryland. The poll shows that 3 our of 4 Republicans disagree with the FCC killing Net Neutrality, as written by Brian Fung and published Dec. 12, 2014, at the More>



Why local Asheville media industry must fight the FCC and Trump's effort to kill the Internet

In their small but important way, local publishers, bloggers and owners of Internet websites must support freedom of the press as well as legal challenges to counter those Republicans who are hurting small businesses here and across America by supporting the ending of Net Neutrality.

By doing so, Republicans will kill the Internet as we know it now. They will be tipping the scales by helping large corporations drown out the diversity of voices and complexity of messages of individuals and small businesses.

When local media groups and others throw their support to save Net Neutrality, as they did back during the Obama administration, locals will be part of the greater fight to support the First Amendment and counter the efforts of Republicans to diminish democracy for the middle class.

However, the court system may be the only bulwark against policies of the current President and Republican Congresspeople and Senators who are showing that they are much more inclined to help the rich and powerful and smother the small and weak. So if this is draining the swamp, as promised by Trump and the Republicans during the 2016 elections, then they haven't realized that they are the swamp.

The courts will have to come to the rescue of Net Neutrality, and in doing so will bolster, not destroy, the future of the Internet as a critical part of the American social fabric and bedrock of democracy. That powerful insight was written by Tim Wu and published on Nov. 22, 2017, as "Why the Courts Will Have to Save Net Neutrality."  | More>


Unfortunately, with the impending demise of Net Neutrality — compliments of the Republicans — will destroy the very bedrock of the Internet.

For a solid decade, the Internet has become a grand stage for all to play and prosper, be they local and small and weak or be they international and large and powerful.

With Net Neutrality in place, as it has been, We the People had a voice. With Net Neutrality in place, corporations have prospered beyond our wildest dreams to record levels of profit and potential.

Without Net Neutrality — as the Republicans now want and will probably get — only the big and powerful in the swamp that Trump promised to drain will dominate. And increased corporate domination made possible by an unlevel playing field will diminish the rights of the people. That fixed and unfair playing field will be a betrayal, a broken promise, a torn up contract with the people at the hands of the Republicans who hold all the power today, in the presidency, in congress, and increasingly in the courts. It's rigged and it's getting worse by the day. 

  Have Trump and his Bannon-dominated Republican Party members lost all sense of shame and decency? Have they thrown away their moral compass. Have they sold their scruples for a few rubles?

How can they ignore and justify supporting Ron Moore, Alabama's Grand Old Pervert?

How can the Grand Old Party of Lincoln become the Gucci-shoed water boys of only the Greatest, the Opulent-est, and the Powerful-est?

If that is the GOP of today, they certainly are not the GOP of swamp-drainers, as Trump promised. Rather they are the swamp-makers of the likes of a grown man who prefers violating even a little girl.

A girls is not just a throwaway doll. Moore doesn't understand that, even brags about it, so that's what the Republicans have become! A girl is actually some parent's daughter, baby, honey, sweetie pie.

Those parents who had to deal with maybe-to-be Sen. Ron Moore and find out where Moore lives. Good parents need to know who lives in their neighborhoods. Good parents check on the whereabouts of sex predators on the Internet, such as at's "Sex Offenders in My Area" listings by zip code. BTW: What is Moore's zip code? Click Here>

The Republicans are sad, very sad in many ways, especially to We the People, the middle class voters who believed in the GOP — or if they didn't believe, at least they were willing to give the Republicans a chance to govern for all the people.

That was a reasonable hope. After all, The Donald and the Republicans who road in on his coattails in 2016 gave many Americans great hope that the Republicans would succeed in draining the swamp and in the process create new jobs, more jobs, better jobs, better-paying jobs, better healthcare, better infrastructure, better education — and all at a promised better (i.e., lower) price.

Nah. The GOP hasn't delivered, and they won't. Because they are talk, not the walk. They are cowboys with a cowboy hat, but no horse.

Republicans have become not weavers of vision, rather  betrayers of promises.

Republicans of today are but a ghost of who they were way back when.

Today, Republicans at virtually every turn ignore the working class. They mock and disrespect the middle class and its values by their heartless actions and spiteful words and terrible tweets. No living wages. No affordable healthcare. No affordable higher education. No new research to build and expand industries. No new bridges. No new roads. No moral high ground. Sad. Very sad.

Nope, the Republicans of today are simply shadows of the their past. They are shadows of what they could have been and what they could have done for the middle class, who are so deserving and who are so in need. They hold all the power and they have used it just to line the pockets of the few, those who have needed more money the least. Shameful.

Most Americans don't believe in ghosts. Few Americans follow shadows that call themselves leaders either. Believing in ghosts and shadows doesn't get a person anywhere, at least not anywhere worth going.

If only the Republicans could begin to understand what so many good things — such as healthcare, education, jobs, opportunity, and Net Neutrality — means to so many small companies, such as MediaBear.

Without Net Neutrality, us small businesses and Internet publishers will become very, very sad about not only our own future but the future of our children and our country. Republicans have become un-American because they no longer support the American Dream. Instead, they prefer the American Nightmare for the masses and Material Heaven for their donors and losers.

Having no Net Neutrality, thanks to Trump and the Republicans and their misguided FCC commissioners, will be yet another great disappointment and betrayal to the small businessperson and local organizations that do a lot of good for the community, such as a company like MediaBear. And there are many MediaBear-like companies that are deserving as well. But today's Republicans and their President have replaced caring about communities with caring only about big corporations. Dealing with small is not what they do.

That betrayal, that flip-flop, that flim-flam of what the American Dream is still about in the hearts and minds of most good Americans. And these good Americans remain the backbone of this great nation — and it was GREAT long before and RIGHT before Trump and his Trumpbannonites slithered out onto center stage in 2016.

Yupe, Trump and his foolish followers of fancy Dans and fickle Fannys will be remembered by many American voters who know the truth, and the truth will be heard by one and all, big and small, when 2018 and 2020 roll around.

And that day of reckoning in 2018 is just about here. 

And that second day of reckoning in 2020 can't come soon enough. But it will come. And defenders of freedom of speech and democracy in America will be heard loud and clear in the offices of Republicans, in the streets of their hometowns, and most especially in the election booths.

Decent Americans, such as those who rejected Roy Moore in Alabama after he lost the election, were celebrated by a creative newspaper front-page headline, "The voters said: Screw you and the horse you rode in on." Evening the score is best served with humor.

In 2017, when Alabamans elected a decent Democrat to represent them in the U.S. Senate, they will be an inspiration for many other decent Americans across the nation to reject regressive Republicans and authoritarian Trump in the 2020 elections. In 2020 decent Americans will reject American "democracy in chains," as author Kathleen McNain so elegantly wrote about in her 2017 book, "Democracy in Chains: 

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