On Banning Mass Protests



Q: Can anyone imagine Asheville not being allowing to have mass protests?

A: Protesting has long been a social touchstone that makes Asheville great. It nurtures its deep-seated desire to speak out, to be free and independent. It prides itself in its analytical thinking and activism. It's what progressive citizens of Asheville do. When injustice rears its Putinesque head, Ashevillians think and talk. They gather facts and analyze them. Then, if necessary, they organize, mobilize and protest. Call it beautiful weird: Asheville folks are activists for good reason. They are keenly aware of what it means to be engaged. They understand why being involved is smart and the right thing to do to further strengthen the fabric of the community that benefits everyone, not just the powerful.

Q: So how does the Republican-dominated North Carolina state legislature respond to the citizens' right (not just privilege) to protest en masse?

A: In a word, SCREWU. Here's wus' up. The Republican-run North Carolina legislature is looking to curb mass protests. Seriously (as in cray-cray). And it's not alone. North Carolina joins 16 other states (as in USA, not Russia) that are also considering to limit mass protests by its citizens. (Do what?) Yeah, by statue (ya know, by law). Sad. Whether these dumb-as-a-hammer state statues will pass remains to be seen. But even to propose such dictatorial laws is beyond the pale (as in someone needs to get kicked out of office). More>

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