Historic Tax Heist


Senate Republicans Pass Historic Tax Heist | The Republicans keep saying this is tax reform designed to help poor and middle class Americans. Nothing could be further from the truth, explains NYTimes.com, on Dec. 2, 2017; surely a sad and shameful day to remember as an American, some of whom understand what just happened — and many more will discover over time just how horrible of a tax bill is about to be delivered by the Republican-dominated Congress | More>

Five Big Problems the Senate Tax Bill Creates | It's going to create unnecessary problems down the road, as analyzed by Espeak.in | More>

"Democracy in Chains" | A powerful, well-researched book written by Nancy MacLean and published in 2017 by Viking will help concerned Americans understand what is going on with the Republican Party today. "Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America" should be a must read on every university's suggested reading list for all students. | Book review by NPR.org: More> | Book review by NYTimes.com: More> | Book review by National Catholic Reporter at ncronline.org: More> | Book review and updates of the controversy "Democracy in Chains" has created, as reported by Washingtonpost.com: More>

"Fascism is Rising in America" | Fascism may well be on America's doorstep, because Americans are paying the price for the Citizens United ruling by an ultra-conservative U.S. Supreme court that bolsters power by the few, in concert with U.S. Congressional Republicans and the Koch Brothers, who are delivering more power and wealth to America's oligarchs as they diminish the opportunity, wealth, education and voice of workers and the middle class. A report published in Salon.com that originally appeared in Alternet: More>

"Fascist America, in 10 Easy Steps" | From a  historical perspective, this opinion piece by Naomi Wolfe shines the light on democracy's damage created by George W. Bush's administration and its support of growing fascism in America. Years later, "10 Easy Steps" provides timely insight to comprehend how the Republicans and Donald A. Trump are continuing down the road of destroying democracy and replacing it with a fascist America, published in Theguardian.com | More>

Firestorm Bookstore and Events Calendar Promotes Democracy | Originally located in Downtown Asheville, and now relocated to West Asheville, Firestorm Bookstore and Cafe is doing its part to help the local community push back against American fascism with its enlightening books, magazines and events. One of the best places in Asheville to experience the joy of democracy is Firestorm.coop | Monthly calendar of events: More> | Anti-oppression statement: More>

"The Block Off Biltmore" Provides a Meeting Place for Progressives | Located in Downtown Asheville, this relatively new venue is a wonderful meeting place. Billed as a solidarity bar and event space its known for featuring a diversity of events, many of which help build community by supporting community, democracy, understanding, tolerance, diversity and solidarity. In doing so, The Block offers some of the best of what Asheville has to offer: critical thinking, fellowship and a place to heal and help bring together a meeting of minds. | Theblockoffbiltmore.com: More>



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