Local Climate Change Movement

350.org is building the local grassroots climate movement | Founded in 2008 by a group of concerned people including author Bill McKibben, 350.org is organizing Americans to resist climate-change deniers, and to help make the world a cleaner, healthier place to live. 350 was named after the scientific goal of the world achieving 350 parts per million of carbon, the safe concentration in the atmosphere. Years ago, in 2011, Bill McKibben visited Asheville and gave an engaging talk at UNCA to a full-house auditorium of students and citizens. He spoke about climate change and what could be done. Today, 350.org is focusing its efforts to encourage a local grassroots climate movement that relies more on people than the federal government. | For more info about 350.org, Click Here>


"The GOP tax bill could cost us the next generation of climate scientists" | Article published Dec. 8, 2017, at Grist.org | More>

"Trump Administration Orders EPA to Remove Its Climate Change Webpage" | Article published Jan. 25, 2017, by Scientific American, a prestigious science journal. Visit  Scientificamerican.com: More>

"With Trump in Charge, Climate Change References Purged from Website" | Article published Jan. 20, 2017, in NYTimes.com tells how the White House website is becoming less truthful and less useful for the American people | More>

Trump, the Climate Change Denier-in-Chief | Pres. Trump denies climate change because it plays well to his base and to his donors, such as the billionaire Koch brothers, who have made their money from carbon-based products and petroleum. Trump has instructed the EPA to eliminate the term "Climate Change" from its website as well as archive it so as to make it more difficult for readers and citizens to find. "Welcome to the New EPA website, overhauled by Trump's team," a Grist.org feature published Feb. 2, 2017, tells the sad story of how Trump is handing the USA's leadership of the green movement to other countries, particularly China and India. | More>

"Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Accord is a crime against humanity" | Article published June 2, 2017, by The Nation, and was republished at Commondreams.com | More>

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