Republicans kill Net Neutrality

UPDATE: Trump's FCC kills Net Neutrality | Fascism is on the march in the Republican-dominated federal government. With the FCC voting along party lines, the Republican-appointed commissioners voted lockstep on Dec. 14, 2017, and killed Net Neutrality. The death of Net Neutrality means the end of freedom of the press and gagging the voice of the little guy on the Internet, which was created years ago with taxpayer dollars. With Net Neutrality a thing of the past, the Internet will  essentially become privatized and dominated by the highest bidder. The only hope for the Internet's future is to elect a Congress ruled by Democrats and Independents who will surely make Net Neutrality the law of the land. Unfortunately, for now, an Internet that favors the public is dead, thanks to Trump and his band of evil crony Republican capitalists. | "Killing net neutrality rules is a march toward folly," explains More> | "Net Neutrality killed as FCC hands keys to the Internet to handful of multi-billion-dollar corporations," reports More> | "If Net Neutrality dies, America dies," predicts More>

When National News Becomes Local News: Save the Internet | Having an open Internet is each American's right because it protects free speech. However, authoritarian Trump and his FCC is scheduled to end Net Neutrality at its meeting today, Dec. 14, 2017. The impending demise of Net Neutrality, compliments of Republican backing, will destroy the very bedrock of the Internet. This digital, communications stage for all to play upon and prosper — be they local, small and weak or be they international, large and powerful — would end; only the larger corporations would prosper. Repealing Net Neutrality would deal a massive blow against small businesses and social movements across the nation. Another head shaker: a recent poll by the University of Maryland showed that 3 out of 4 Republicans are against killing Net Neutrality. The Russians couldn't do any better than the Trump White House at killing the American Dream. Obviously, Net Neutrality must be protected by law, to prevent it simply being removed by operatives of the rich and evil. Call the FCC at 1-888-225-5322 to voice your opinion; your emails to the commissioners at would be time well spent today, too. | More>

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