Very Very Trump

All things Trump and his Republicans stand for is in a phrase: "Very Very Trump." Consequently, what's very very Trump typically becomes very very bad for working and middle class Ashevilleans, as the facts prove:

Fact-checking false statements by Trump | In his first year of office, Pres. Trump has made 2,001 false or misleading statements, as reported Jan. 9, 2018, by More>

Allegations of Trump ties to Russia | News of the controversial Fusion GPS dossier about Trump-Republican machinations in cahoots with the Russians was released by Democrats | Reported Jan. 9, 2018, by More> | Furthermore, the 312-page dossier released by Sen. Dianne Feinstein can now be downloaded from, which stated: "Feinstein, the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, released the 312-page transcript, the latest sign of a deepening partisan divide over the investigations."

UPDATE: How badly will the Republican tax bill hurt Asheville's real estate market? | National Association of REALTORS (NAR) said "tough work still ahead" as the tax bill heads to the president's desk. The National Home Builders Association (NAHB) went a step further in their condemnation of the tax bill with the NAHB Chairman explaining the Republican "tax changes will hurt the middle class by lowering household wealth." Homeowners and home buyers are confused about what action to take now. And economist Paul Krugman says the tax bill shows "Republicans despise the working class." Also, 10 things you need to know about how the new tax bill will affect you. | More>

Historic tax heist | compiled analyses of the new tax bill and its future implications for Americans that go beyond simply dollars and cents: More>

Have North Carolina businesses benefited from its 2013 tax cut? | Not so much, and certainly not as much as promised by the Republican-dominated state legislature. But NC did not fare as poorly as Kansas. So the jury is still out, reports the Washingtonpost, in its Dec. 3, 2017, article by Todd C. Frankel, entitled "What happened when North Carolina cut taxes like the GOP plans to for the country?" | More>

Trump's FCC kills Net Neutrality | Fascism is on the march in the Republican-dominated federal government. With the FCC voting along party lines, the Republican-appointed commissioners voted lockstep on Dec. 14, 2017, and killed Net Neutrality. Killing Net Neutrality means the end of freedom of the press and gagging the voice of the little guy on the Internet, while major corporations and Trump's FCC decide what Americans will see, hear and read on the Internet | More>

Net Neutrality's Death | Is SLOW the new GO? Maybe the recent slowing of the Internet in major metropolitan areas in the US are just the big boys practicing to see if there is no longer any federal regulation thanks to the Trump-Republican-FCC triumvarite. | "The Internet is really slow right now" reports on Dec. 18, 2017: More>

NC Democrats against Republicans killing an open Internet | More>

Why local Asheville media industry must fight the FCC and Trump's effort to kill the Internet | In their small but important way, local Asheville area publishers, bloggers and owners of WNC Internet websites must support freedom of the press more than ever today. | More>

Republicans now coming after your benefits | The trusted media and knowledgeable people who care about saving the American Dream and preserving the financial wellness of the middle class are predicting that after the Trump-Republican tax plan passes and becomes the law of the land, more Americans will face cuts to their Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. | More>

Hang Your Head, Congress | Senate Republicans pass new tax bill in the wee hours of Dec. 2, 2017, designed to elevate the rich and corporations and stomp on the human rights and dignity of the middle class and poor. In the coming days and months, there is no doubt Ashevilleans will resist oppression and promote progressive — not regressive — ideas and solutions. Explaining the Senate Republican tax bill, Bernie Sanders said, "The president was lying to you. This is class warfare, and we're going to stand up and fight." | More>

Are you sick of Republican gerrymandering in North Carolina? | Updates at More>

The Resistance Now: Activists plan to protest the Republican tax bill. | More>

Stunning Non-Partisan Report about the Darkest Republican Tax Bill Ever | The recent report released by Congress's official non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation is a bombshell of truth about the proposed tax bill. It exposes how the rich will get richer at the expense of the middle class and poor. | More>


Rep. Keith Ellison is the anti-Trump | Info at More>


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