Asheville Mardi Gras

Asheville Mardi Gras 2018 moves to South Slope

Free parade begins at 3 p.m. on Feb. 11, 2018.

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Asheville Mardi Gras (AMG) is an all-volunteer, non-profit, community-based arts and culture group "made up of New Orleans ex-pats, aficionados of that culture, and... those who love to party."

The AMG website states: "Our purpose is to strengthen community connections through promoting creativity, frivolity and celebration based on the traditions of New Orleans, Louisiana.

"Mardi Gras, or Carnival, is an ancient world-wide tradition of feasting and celebrating before entering a time of atonement.

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Mardi Gras support of refugee Haitians grows in New Orleans, but will it grow in Asheville? Efforts to make all of America great again with real American democratic values has begun in earnest in New Orleans this Mardi Gras season. Perhaps participants of the 2018 Asheville Mardi Gras will join New Orleans to help protect America's Haitian guests and friends by publicizing the fact that Haitians refugees remain welcomed in New Orleans, in Asheville and in caring cities and towns across America. lebration of the valuable contributions made by immigrants is reported in "In New Orleans, whispers of Haiti become a brassy Mardi Gras shout"More> Trump and his regressive Republicans a

Trump and his regressive Republicans are not only ignoring the plight of Haitians, but are trying to overturn, just as with the DACA Dreamers, their legal standing in the USA. Trump and Republicans are planning to kick out refugee Haitians of the United State, even though Haitians had been legally protected under past Presidents to live in America until their island country of Haiti recovers from its horrible bouts of natural disasters and resulting destruction. To understand Haiti's real problems, consider a Sept. 7, 2017, article, "Haiti has already been devastated by natural disasters" by Anthony Faiola and Cleve R. Wootson Jr.: More>

Yet Trump and Republicans could care less. "Send them black Haitians home" is their real racist motive, stated and unstated. Their end game is clear: Trump and ultra-right wind Republicans want Haitians to leave America now. The on Nov. 21, 2017, provides excellent reporting of the Republican anti-Haitian onslaught with its Nov. 21, 2017, feature, "Trump Ends Temporary Protective Status for Haitians, Forcing 58,000 to Leave the Country": More>

But hope remains strong. Thankfully, there are empathetic Americans who care about the Haitian refugee predicament. They are working to help keep Haitians living in America until their homeland is restored and reconstructed so they can return and live in peace. These understanding Americans are finding new ways to highlight the problem and fight against the Trumpian-Republican policy of isolationism under its "America First" hate campaign.

Democrats and many independent citizens have not been complacent. Instead, their growing resistance and push back against Trump's "Hate First" campaign could well be their new battle cry. Democrats, not Republicans, are introducing legislation that keeps and attracts immigrants. Always in America, it has been the immigrants who had so greatly added to the power, progress and vibrancy of the nation. To say or believe otherwise is to be ignorant of the facts. "How to make America greater: More immigration" by Eduardo Porter published Feb. 7, 2017, in presents the facts and the truth: More>

History and facts are hard to ignore. The Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock were some of America's earliest immigrants. Trump and his so-called Freedom Caucus have forgotten America's roots and replaced it with the Trumpian hammer of political power wielded upon an anvil of Republican racism. U.S. Representative Mark Meadows of Henderson County, NC, is leader of this regressive, ultra-right Republican group. "A House Divided" by Ryan Lizza published in the Dec. 14, 2015, issue of provides in-depth background of "how a radical group of Republicans pushed Congress to the right": More>

Hats off to the caring Mardi Gras krewes of New Orleans, many who are making it a big point in 2018 to highlight and celebrate the festival's important Haitian roots. They are doing so by deeply exploring and communicating to Americans who are willing to listen how their profound Haitian roots have made Mardi Gras and New Orleans greater generation after generation.

The New Orleans' krewes efforts remind all Americans of the nation's indebtedness to the contributions of Haitians, past and present. In doing so they are providing a shining alternative truth to the heartless darkness and fear-mongering of Trump, his Chief of Staff John Kelly and many enabling racist Republicans elected officials. Democrats are biting at the bit for election day to arrive in 2018 so they can cast their votes to get America back on track as the land that truly welcomes the world's huddles masses.

Perhaps this year's New Orleans' spirit of helping Haitians living in America will become infused in Asheville's Mardi Gras festivities as well. Maybe Asheville and other cities will embrace the fun of Mardi Gras while following the lead of their New Orleans citizens who are now openly supporting Haitians across America who had — and have — helped make America the great country it is today (as in, remember the Louisiana Purchase). Trumpist-Republicans may have their day of darkness now, spearheaded by their doomed unAmerican "Hate First" campaign. But their racist grip on America is waning. The fight for truth, equity and fairness for all Amercians is shining brighter.

The insightful report, "Whispers of Haiti become a brassy Mardi Gras shout," written by Richard Fausset and published Feb. 3, 2018, at, captures the caring liberal democracy for which America has so long stood for and, in spite of Trumpist Republican "Hate First" policies, pro-immigration sentiment remains a basic American value with the majority of the nation: More>

"Make America Whiter for as Long as Possible."  Trump's immigration policy to keep America whiter as long as possible with his regressive immigration policies designed to radically reduce the number of immigrants allowed into the US is analyzed in a Feb. 6, 2018, report, "Trump immigration plan could keep whites in U.S. majority for up to five more years" by Jeff Stein and Andrew Van Dam: More>


"Haiti earthquake shows need for disaster mitigation" | Written by Alyssa Battistoni, published by Berggruen Institite and at More>

"Disaster Ministries' support continues for Haiti's Hurricane Matthew recovery" | Published by United Church of Christ at More>

"Haitians in U.S. malign Trump decision to send them back home" | Written by Daniel Trotta, published Nov. 21, 2017, by More>

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