Vote to stop gun violence

The 2018 Election Day litmus test for all politicians: stop gun violence

After bearing the nation's third worst mass killing at another U.S. school, it's time not only to pray for the dead of Parkland, Florida — previously known as Florida's safest city prior to the Valentine's Day 2018 massacre — it's time to truly honor the dead by voting in politicians who have the backbone to do something to protect our children. It must become the litmus test of all politicians of all parties in the 2018 elections.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) provides an action plan on how to oust politicians who simply pray and do nothing else to end the killing of our school children, teachers and fellow Americans. Follows is the CSGV's recent press release concerning the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting:

If your only answer is 'Thoughts & Prayers', it’s time to go; Washington has proven themselves inept at addressing gun violence

In the short period of time Donald Trump has been president, America has witnessed the deadliest American mass shooting, the deadliest church mass shooting, and now the deadliest high school mass shooting. Each time the mass murder has been met with the same inadequate response.

Today, members of Congress will bow their heads in a moment of silence. They will tweet out their thoughts and prayers. Then they will do nothing.

No parent should ever get the call 17 families received yesterday, that their children are not coming home. The American people are sick of this. Our leaders have failed to fulfill their most basic responsibility — to keep their citizens safe.

In most jobs, if you fail to perform your duties you are replaced. In November, it is time to clean house.

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The NRA can be beat; it's time to vote the gun lobby out of office | On Feb. 15, 2018, the's op-ed shot holes through the misguided arguments of those who would try to protect the NRA's murderous stance on doing nothing to protect school children across America. Here's the on-target reasoning, as follows: "Parents throughout the country live with the dread that the next lockdown at their child’s school won’t be a drill and that screams like those we heard on cellphones from classrooms at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School will come from their own child’s classroom. The terror that has gripped their elected officials, however, is fear of the wealthy gun lobby, to which they have let themselves be held hostage for decades. But standing up to gun rights extremists and industry lobbyists can no longer be seen as an act of heroism that could lead to political suicide. It is an act of common sense that would bring our government under the control of its citizens."


Visit for it's complete "vote out the gun lobby" editorial: More>


The one thing we can do to end gun violence | One of the most powerful, honest, timely op-eds about how to end gun violence that brushes aside all other ideas on how to best end, or at least reduce, only-in-America mass slayings by guns. A worthwhile, thoughtful, reasonable, measured, level-minded, action-oriented article suitable to email to all of your family members, friends and neighbors; written by Paul Waldman, posted Feb. 15, 2018, at More>

Democrats continue gun control sit-in after House adjourns | It was an action taken two years ago by "more than a dozen Democratic lawmakers [who] continued their extraordinary protest on the House floor Thursday, more than 20 hours after a sit-in brought legislative business to a halt and triggered a chaotic, late-night showdown as they demanded a vote on gun control legislation," wrote Donovan Slack and Deborah Barfield Berry and published June 22, 2016, at More>

Rev. Traci Blackmon: It is up to US to stop gun violence | Posted Oct. 2, 2017, on the United Church of Christ website at More>

The Second Amendment is being turned into a suicide pact | Posted Feb. 5, 2018, by Max Boot, at More>

'Why I will keep ranting against gun violence' | It's always so personal. Thousands of Americans — and, unfortunately, more each day — have their stories, their outrage, their sadness, their shock, their anger, their activism, their outrage demanding that something must be done to stop the madness that occurs in no other country in the world except the USA. Sadly, but bravely, another American citizen articulates her outrage: Ms. Zicharonot. Although she posted this blog in 2015, it continues to resonate. Zicharonot writes: "As I stated in an earlier blog, the death of Susan Choucroun, a friend who I met through the National Council of Jewish Women, Greater Kansas City Section (NCJW), was my final straw in gun violence and needless deaths. I made a promise to start advocating to work to stop gun violence. Yesterday, October 12, 2015, I continued that promised by going to the Heartland Coalition Against Gun Violence second community forum: 'Gun Violence: A Public Health Issue.' I belong to two organizations that helped to sponsor this event, NCJW and Grandparents Against Gun Violence. I felt that since Susan had been a member of NCJW, in fact had served with me on several committees, it was only right that I attend this event in my efforts." For the complete commentary, visit More>

NC, 10th District, Patrick McHenry (R)

Sadly, half staff again | U.S. Post Offices to fly the nation's flag at half staff in Fletcher, NC, and elsewhere, until Feb. 19, 2018, to honor those who died at the high school massacre in Parkland, Florida. | FAQs answered about how to fly the flag at More> | FAQs answered about why nothing is being done to stop gun violence at "Find Your Representative" at More> | In gerrymandered NC in the Asheville area, U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry, a Republican of the North Carolina 10th District, might be able to answer area citizen's questions about stopping gun violence at More> |

NC, 11th District, Mark Meadows (R)

For citizens who seek commonsense solutions from key politicians who can do something about stopping America's epidemic of mass murders, Freedom Caucus leader U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows, a Republican of the North Carolina 11th District, can be found at More> | "Copycat threats and jittery schools force school shutdowns across the U.S." in aftermath of Florida killings, reports (NYT) on Feb. 16, 2018: More> | "Names and faces of the Florida school shooting victims," posted Feb. 15, 2018, by NYT: More> | To the Parkland parents who lost so much and words cannot express the pain and sorrow, maybe Eric Clapton's song can give some solace and comfort; "Tears in Heaven" on More>

Red Flag Laws | "Five states allow guns to be seized before someone can commit violence," written by Lennie Bernstein, published Feb. 16, 2018 on Writes Bernstein: they are known as "'red flags laws' that allow the seizure of guns before people can commit acts of violence. California, Washington, Oregon, Indiana and Connecticut have statutes that can be used to temporarily take guns away from people a judge deems a threat to themselves or others. Lawmakers in 18 other states — including Florida — plus the District of Columbia have proposed similar measures." More>

'I’m Republican. I appreciate assault weapons. And I support a ban.' | Op-ed by former U.S. Army soldier, now Florida congressman Brian Mast, published Feb. 23, 2018, in He wrote: " When I was with others on the battlefield and we saw a chance to save a life, we didn’t have a meeting about it; we acted immediately. I never worried about becoming a casualty myself. Now, as a Republican congressman from Florida, I don’t fear becoming a political casualty, either. If we act now by changing laws surrounding firearms and mental illness, we too can save lives." More>

Hey, hey, commentary and links to why it's time to boycott the NRA: More>

 University admissions offices send message to teens protesting gun violence | "As students protest gun violence, universities post supportive messages," writes Casy Quinlan. "As students participate in walkouts across the country to urge lawmakers to do something about gun violence, several universities announced that they would not let discipline as a result of peaceful protest affect admissions decisions. These universities and colleges include Dartmouth College, Tulane University, University of Puget Sound, John Hopkins University, Northeastern University, Brown University, University of Connecticut, University of California, Los Angeles." Published Feb. 24, 2018, the complete article is available at More>

The failing NRA | A commentary: More>


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