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Eleven full-power television stations serve the Greenville - Spartanburg - Asheville - Anderson market | Only one of the 11 local TV stations serving the Asheville area and owned by the ultra-conservative, controversial Sinclair Broadcasting Group is Asheville's only locally based station, WLOS TV13 ABC. The complete list of Asheville area TV stations is reported at More>


 Asheville's only local television station is less local; now under Sinclair ownership | WLOS TV13 ABC in Asheville is now owned, and affected, by ultra-conservative Sinclair Broadcasting Group's nationwide mandatory content policy, as warns viewers "Watch Sinclair Broadcast Group News Anchors Parrot Their Bosses’ Opinions in Perfect, Deafening Unison," written by Matthew Dessem and published Mar. 31, 2018: More>

Criticism of Sinclair's conservative content policy goes viral | CNN Wire reports via KTLA TV5 News "Sinclair Tells Stations to Air Media-Bashing Promos — and Criticism Goes Viral," posted April 1, 2018. It explains Sinclair's "corporate mandates are exacerbating tensions between the company’s local stations and its management. Journalists in local markets are chafing at the company’s requirements, including a new promotional campaign that echoes President Donald Trump’s anti-media rhetoric. The promos, first reported by CNNMoney last month, went viral over the weekend after Deadspin edited dozens of them together to show how anchors across the country were told to read the same script": More>

Sinclair's local TV propaganda policy 'dangerous to democracy' | Affecting Asheville's WLOS TV 13 station content, reported "Sinclair Broadcast Group Faces Backlash Over Scripted Promos: ‘This Is Extremely Dangerous to Our Democracy’," by staff writer Erin Nyren and posted April 1, 2018: More>   

"Ready for Trump TV?" | tackles what Sinclair's takeover of hundreds of local TV stations, including Asheville's WLOS TV13, means nationwide for viewers in its article, "Ready for Trump TV? Inside Sinclair Broadcasting’s Plot to Take Over Your Local News: Its mix of terrorism alerts, right-wing commentary, and 'classic propaganda' could soon reach three-quarters of US households," written by Andy Kroll and published in Mother Jones' Nov./Dec. 2017 issue: More>

Ashvegas holds spotlight to Asheville-based WLOS TV13's required conservative bias |  "WLOS television news anchors in Asheville read Sinclair-ordered promos," reported Jason Sanford of on Mar. 28, 2018. He pointed out that "part of the WLOS promo says 'we are concerned about the troubling trend of irresponsible, one-sided news stories plaguing our country.'" More>

As only John Oliver can put it to Sinclair | American TV humorist and commentator John Oliver on his LastWeekTonight show, first aired July 2, 2017, poked the media giant, Sinclair Broadcasting Group, with its sharp, albeit funny, criticism of Sinclair's required propaganda content policy. Sinclair Broadcast Group is the largest owner of local television stations in the USA. That fact has alarmed many in the media and defenders of democracy since Sinclair's often inject its conservative political views into local news. Here's John Oliver's look at Sinclair so-called local content policy via More>

Sinclair's "must-show" air segments 'tilt right' | Important related news about Asheville's WLOS TV13 ABC, now owned by ultra-conservative conservative Sinclair Broadcasting Group, includes article, "Sinclair Requires TV Stations to Air Segments That Tilt to the Right" by Sydney Ember and published May 12, 2017: More>

Sinclair = Trump TV | On April 3, 2018, published, "With Sinclair, We Have Trump TV. America Doesn’t Need More," written by By Cliff Schecter, a former political analyst for the Sinclair Broadcast Group: More>

Know your conservative Sinclair owned local TV stations in NC and across America | The trust by many viewers of their local TV stations may well be eroding given Sinclair's right-wing propaganda is required by corporate, not local TV editors. So knowing who owns one's favorite local TV station is more important than ever, given that those now affected — or as critics of Sinclair's mandatory political views broadcasts might call it less news, and more conservative poison — may not be the viewers idea of news, much less his or hers preferred cup of tea? Knowing which local television stations owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group is available in list form at More>


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