Irises donated by caring neighbors
(Photo: Wanda Lovejoy)

Elder and Sage Community Gardens
in Downtown Asheville

DowntownAsheville.com is pleased to host the official website of Elder & Sage Community Gardens, located on Page Avenue in Asheville, North Carolina.

The website is located at www.elderandsagegardens.org

Publisher's Note: The following information and news (below) is the sole content of Elder & Sage Community Gardens and is provided by Clare Hanrahan, who is founder of the gardens and, as a member of the 2018 Coordinating Committee, serves as the organization's liaison to the City of Asheville.


Calling all community garden supporters to attend city council meeting at 5 p.m. on Jan. 22, 2019

Speak up for our garden, says members of Elder and Sage Gardens. Attend the city council meeting at 5 p.m., Jan. 22, because the council will be discussing the funding and design for city lots on Page Ave. — including the Elder and Sage Gardens' lot. Attend the Asheville City Council meeting and let your voice be heard. Elder and Sage Gardens is an all-volunteer organization. Its gardens are located in the heart of Downtown Asheville, located across from the Grove Arcade and next to the Captain's Bookshelf.

Introducing Elder & Sage Community Gardens 2018 Coordinating Committee

The 2018 Coordinating Committee: Robert Glenn, Clare Hanrahan, Wanda Lovejoy, Tracy Moore, Coleman Smith, Larry Williams, and Jacqui Wuelling.

For information and an application to participate in the Elder & Sage Community Gardens, contact:

You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter @elderandsagegardensavl

– Updated: May 22, 1918

Edible Garden Use Agreement with the City of Asheville

PRESS RELEASE for Immediate Release: May 21, 2018

Elder & Sage Community Gardens on Page Avenue, Asheville, is pleased to announce the renewal of our Edible Garden Use Agreement with the City of Asheville. Primary applicant and community volunteer Clare Hanrahan signed the Agreement with The City of Asheville on behalf of our Coordinating Committee and  30 active garden participants.

Elder & Sage Community Gardens is the first garden group in the Asheville Edibles Program.  We opened the gates on June 1, 2017 and successfully utilized the space at 33-35 Page Avenue for the growing of food, pollinators and community.  The term of the renewable agreement is one year beginning on May 31, 2018.

Join us in our efforts to "green the commons." Applications for participation are available. Please contact: eldersagegardens@outlook.com

- Posted May 22, 2018

Elder & Sage Community Gardens participants gather for May 2018 garden meeting (Photo by Robert Lovejoy)

- Posted May 22, 2018

Donated containers for native plantings
(Photo: Wanda Lovejoy)

Support the Elder and Sage Community Gardens

Website: www.elderandsagegardens.org

Email: eldersagegardens@outlook.com

Facebook: Elder & Sage Community Gardens

You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter @elderandsagegardensavl

– Update May 22, 2018

Looking East across the gardens
(Photo: Wanda Lovejoy)

Elder & Sage Community Gardens builds community in Asheville

Elder & Sage Community Gardens is located on Page Avenue, Asheville, NC. It is part of the Asheville Edibles Community Garden Program and the Bountiful Cities Community Garden Network.

The Gardens opened June 1, 2017. Our core group of volunteers has been hard at work transforming this city-owned gravel lot into an oasis of life in our neighborhood while providing opportunity to area gardeners to nurture and share organic vegetables, culinary herbs and flowering pollinator plants.

Join our efforts and contribute in whatever way you are able. We welcome ideas, support, appreciation and cooperation. We re-use and re-purpose materials as often as possible.

– Posted May 13, 2018

We rely on community support and need your help

Members of the coordinating and design committee include (left to right): Clare Hanrahan, Larry Williams, Jacqui Wuelling, and Wanda Lovejoy (Photo: Robert Lovejoy)

Become a 2018 supporting member

Thank you for your support in building community in Asheville! Join us in this exciting venture to "Green the Commons" and provide neighborhood and community gardeners with the opportunity to grow edible plants for our home kitchens, as well as raise fragrant, flowering and helpful herbs, and propagate pollinator plants to attract beneficial insects.

Garden participation is open to those who abide by agreements with the City of Asheville and Elder & Sage Community Gardens (Elder & Sage).

Elder & Sage will help to create, cultivate, maintain and sustain the community garden. Our gardens will also provide opportunities for educating the general public and visitors to our city on the community benefits of grassroots urban agriculture.

For information and an application to become a 2018 supporting member of the Elder & Sage Community Gardens, contact:

- Posted May 13, 2018


The individuality of each planting box
is reflected in the unique presentations
(Photo: Wanda Lovejoy)

Public invited to attend the Elder & Sage Gardens "Watch Party" on May 16, 2018

What: Public meeting (prior registration required) and "Watch Party: Growing Community in Asheville" UNC-TV documentary and public meeting: More>

Initial 2017 Application to City of Asheville by Elder & Sage Community Gardens

Elder & Sage Community Gardens
Community Benefit Plan

Our uptown Asheville neighborhood is home to over 300 low-income seniors and persons of differing ability levels who live in the Vanderbilt and Battery Park Apartments, as well as other nearby residences. These buildings are adjacent to the Asheville Civic Center and Pack Memorial Library, as well as the iconic Basilica of St. Lawrence.

To read the complete Community Gardens Benefit Plan, Click Here>

Thank you for supporting Elder & Sage Community Gardens, and for visiting our website: 


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