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The Grey Eagle Jan. 2019 calendar | One of Asheville's oldest, finest, most affordable musical venues, located in the Asheville River District, via Thegreyeagle.com: More>

Happy New Year 2019: Turn, Turn, Turn, to everything there is a season | Some things come around to be understood and celebrated again, such as this 1966 vintage song: "A time of love, a time of hate.... To everything, turn, turn, turn... there is a season, turn, turn, turn... a time to every purpose under heaven." Sung by Judy Collins, 1966, via Youtube.com: More> | RELATED: Written by Pete Seeger, via Wikipedia.com: More> | RELATED: "Silent Night" sung by Judy Collins, 1996, via Youtube.com: More> | RELATED: "Morocco" sung by Judy Collins from her 2011 album, "Bohemian," via Youtube.com: More> | RELATED: Judy Collins Tour Dates 2019, via Concertfix.com: More>

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