ICE Updates

"At least 12 arrested by ICE Saturday in WNC; hundreds rally in protest downtown" | Reported by Asheville Citizen-Times' Sam DeGrave, published April 14, 2018, and updated April 15, 2018 at More>RELATED NEWS: Trump and Republicans continue to separate children from their immigrant parents, as told by a mother deported to Guatemala while her child remains imprisoned in an unknown American facility, via on June 17, 2018: More>ALSO: "Extinguishing the Beacon of America" explains the Trump-Republican policy of separating immigrant families designed to erase hope with the effect of traumatizing children, reports on June 15: More> | ALSO: Evangelist Franklin Graham supports the Trump-Republican policy of separating children from their immigrant parents and blames others, as reported by The Christian Post on June 14, 2018, at More> | ALSO: On Father's Day, Democrats visited imprisoned children separated from their immigrant parents as ordered by Trump-Republicans, reports on June 15, 2018: More>LATEST: "Activists rally in Henderson County, NC, against police collaboration with ICE," published June 19, 2018, at More>

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