Local Issues

Page Avenue downtown community garden is always open for the public | Elder & Sage Community Gardens renewed its edible garden use agreement with City of Asheville. For photos and news, via Elderandsagegardens.com: More>

 "The People, Yes"
Asheville wins water fight in court, yet some Republicans say the fight is not over

  City will keep water system rules NC high court: Thanks to a 5-2 ruling by the North Carolina Supreme Court, the people of Asheville will keep its water system. | For five years, the City of Asheville fought against Republicans in North Carolina who wanted to take over its water system valued at approximately $173 million — and pay nothing for it: More>

"Clean Water for North Carolina," a nonprofit organization, was a strong supporter of the people's perspective and the final ruling by the NC Supreme Court that protects Asheville from being required to transfer its water system to the state against its will and without payment: More>


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