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* Lots of ideas, via More>

* 49 best places to eat in Asheville, via More>

  * Visit a local farm with a big local reputation, via More>

* Comprehensive list of local food trucks, via More> | RELATED: Since many food trucks park at many of Asheville's craft breweries, follows is an excellent beer list: More>

* Recipes abound at More>

* Old blog, but interesting, via More>

* Pittsburgh, PA, out-of-towner, offers tasty Asheville selection, via More>

* Asheville area tailgate farmers' markets is served up at More>

* A short, but fine food exploration of Asheville at More>

* This 48 hours worth of eating and drinking in Asheville packs in a lot of good suggestions, via More>

* 11 fine Asheville restaurants are listed at More>

* EVEN MORE Asheville food blogs at More>

Asheville Citizen-Times lays off more journalists | News reported Jan. 28, 2019, by Jason Sandford, via More>

Space shuttle remembered | A father and son who saw the first space shuttle launch in 1981 recreated the photo 30 years later with the last launch, reports The Atlantic: More>Tell us your space shuttle memories and comments: Contact Us>

* BRUCE MULKEY speaks his heart and his mind on a number of local and national issues | More>

* CECIL BOTHWELL, journalist/author turned city councilmember, still writes when he can | More>

* GORDON SMITH, co-founder of, continues to report the news, give his views (despite his full-time job AND operating as an Asheville City Councilmember AND keeping up with it all), and take his vitamins. | More>

* JENNIFER SAYLOR bowing out (mostly) for now: For her April 26, 2009 post, Click Here>

* MICHAEL HOPPING knows more than most about the energy scene in the Asheville area | More>


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