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Campaign photo of Sheneika Smith

2017: THE YEAR IN PICTURES | compiled a 2017 list of worthy photographic contenders, from local scenes to those from around the world. This wide-ranging photographic chronicle evokes humor, wonder, sadness, plunder, beauty and hope: More>


2017: THE YEAR IN PICTURES | compiled a list of worthy contenders, from local scenes to those from around the world: More> | This fine site of Asheville in photos shows many works by ace local photographers Zen Sutherland, Bill Rhodes and others. | More>

Great shots unveiled from the ball's photo booth by Wesley Photography

Wesley Photography's 2011 Turquoise Ball Photo Booth captured scores of party-goers who let it all hang out behind the curtain: More>

A Year in Asheville by Marty Weil | A bookload of wonderful photos of Asheville that captures the beauty and vibrancy of the city | More>

37th Annual Village Art & Craft Fair well-attended | 2009 ART-LOVERS OF THE FREE, OPEN-AIR, 37TH ANNUAL CRAFT FAIR in Biltmore Village had to hoof it in to enjoy a well-attended display of handcrafted works on the grounds of the Cathedral of All Souls Church | Of the 125 artists and artisans, 15 artists exhibited for the first time at the fair, included Asheville artist Perry Houlditch. | For more photos of the 2009 fair, Click Here>


The fair is sponsored annually by New Morning Gallery and Bellagio, and is held on the grounds of the Cathedral of All Souls in Biltmore Village.

For more photos of the 2009 fair, Click Here>

Buncombe Courthouse: Photo by Bill Rhodes
*BILL RHODES photostream of Asheville:
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Day in the Life of Asheville
*DITLO Asheville:
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*PHISH CONCERT in Asheville photos by Dave Vann: Click Here>

* TREKEARTH photos of Asheville Area: Click Here>

* ASHEVILLE AREA tourism press room photos: Click Here>



ELI: Helping to create a much-needed Firestorm * Belzak/MediaBear

 101 IN GOOD FOOD, GOOD FOLKS: Eli of Firestorm Cafe and Books is a worker-owner of one of Downtown Asheville's best new places to eat, read, compute, organize, and have a cup of mud with some clear talk. SPECIAL NOTE: The cafe has a virtually unprecedented Buncombe County Health Dept. rating of 101, although soon the county will change its grading system so that no establishment can receive a higher mark than 100. * For more info about how to become a part of the worker-owner movement at Firestorm, Click Here>



*ZENOGRAPHY by Zen Sutherland | Make some time this busy holiday season to see life through the lens of one of Asheville's greatest contemporary photographers. | For hundreds of remarkable images, Click Here>



Zombie Fun Never Dies | Mike The Zombie gives some reality to the political theatre of Sarah Palin as she arrived in Asheville on Oct. 26, 2008. Mike searched for other zombies in the Ashetoberfest Zombie Walk in Downtown Asheville * Belzak/MediaBear * For more Zombie photos, Click Here>

Obama Rallies Asheville Oct. 5 * Photo #1: Lisa Ringelspaugh-Irvine/MediaBear

Obama Electrifies Asheville, Focuses on Healthcare, 20,000 Attend Rally Oct. 5
*AT 2:30 P.M., SUN., OCT. 5, 2008, DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE BARACK OBAMA Spoke with Eloquence, Passion and Specifics to 15,000 to 25,000 Attending Rally at Asheville High School Stadium in Downtown Asheville | The Obama political rally was free and open to the public. Gates opened at 12 noon. A Mission Hospitals nurse introduced Obama. People kept streaming in as Obama began his speech at 2:30 p.m., which focused on healthcare reform and economic recovery for the middle class.


Photo by Byron Belzak/ * Copyright 2008 MEDIABEAR
Pritchard Park's New, Free, Summer Arts Program Rocks |
Arts2People ORGANIZES Pritchard Park Cultural Arts Program | To contribute or learn more about the outdoor arts events in Pritchard Park this summer, which are free and open to the public at lunchtime, Monday through Friday and on select weekends, contact A2P leader Kitty Love. Click Here>

Photo by Byron Belzak/ * Copyright 2008 MEDIABEAR

*PARKSIDE PROTEST CONTINUES UNDER THE MAGNOLIA TREE in City-County Plaza Daily 4 to 7 P.M. | The public is invited to sign a petition demanding the return of parkland and halt construction of Stewart Coleman's high-rise condo in front of city hall. The protest began on June 24, 2008, in front of city hall under the magnificent magnolia tree while city and county officials were meeting in their respective chambers, listening to concerned citizens, and wrestling with the Parkside condo conundrum.

Photo by Byron Belzak/ * Copyright 2008 MEDIABEAR

'MAGNOLIA MAN' | The 100-year-old magnolia has become an icon for those critical of Stewart Coleman's ParkSide condo proposal. Protesters and onlookers have been gathering daily from 4 to 7 p.m. in City-Plaza under the tree that will likely be chopped down if Coleman is allowed to build his controversial project in front of City Hall.

Photo by Byron Belzak/ * Copyright 2008 MEDIABEAR

'THE STEWIE STARE' | ParkSide developer STEWART COLEMAN photographed seconds before his unprovoked attack upon wordsmith Byron Belzak who was photographing and reporting the event inside the Buncombe County Commissioners Chamber during the June 24, 2008, public meeting in Room 204 of the Buncombe County Courthouse, located in Asheville, North Carolina, USA.

Photo by Byron Belzak/ * Copyright 2008 MEDIABEAR

EARTH DAY 2008 | Wally Bowen (right), executive director of Mountain Area Information Network (M.A.I.N.) manned the MAIN tent on Earth Day 2008 in MLK Jr. Park.




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