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Affordable. Effective. Proven. Independent. Local. Involved. MediaBear is an independent online publisher that serves residents, visitors, businesses and organizations of the Asheville Area and Western North Carolina. MediaBear owns and manages a number of citywide, regional and national websites, including its flagship community news website, DowntownAsheville.com.

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"Publicity: You can't buy that kind of advertising." So goes the adage. And it's true. Email MediaBear your news, info and events. We can't publish all the news we receive, but keep us on your media list. We are always working on new articles and lists. Sooner or later your good news will become a part of DowntownAsheville.com -- or other Mediabear websites. Of course, advertising makes this independent news source possible. Discover why it's smart business to become involved as a news source and as an advertiser with DowntownAsheville.com. Call Byron Belzak at 828-768-5600 to fully appreciate the value of DowntownAsheville.com.
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It makes dollars and sense to advertise on a MediaBear website.

For many good reasons, beginning with value. DowntownAsheville.com has been providing community news for four consecutive years. It has a loyal readership that is eager to know that you support independent reporting and a different take on the world. To consider why it may make sense for you to advertise, call Byron Belzak at 828-768-5600, or email byron(at)mediabear or Click Here>

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REASON #1: DowntownAsheville.com is NOT owned by the megaconglomerate US media group,
Gannett, which owns the Asheville Citizen-Times. By contrast, DowntownAsheville.com is owned by a locally owned company, MediaBear.

REASON #2: Be seen ... as these advertisers are ... by tens of thousands of unique visitors. Add your name, message and website link here. Help yourself and others by letting readers know you are ready to serve them.

REASON #3: Expand the city's independent news sources. Become an advertiser of DowntownAsheville.com, which is NOT part of a large, corporately owned media company, such as the Gannett-owned newspaper, Asheville Citizen-Times, which publishes Blue Mountain Living, Parents, Take Five and other publications.

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MediaBear, publisher of Downtown Asheville.com, along with its local, small business clients and associates understand what you are all about — because we're small businesses just like you.

Like you, we are not tied to a large company that takes its profits elsewhere. We live, shop and support businesses and community initiatives that directly benefit Asheville and Buncombe County.

Contact Byron Belzak at 828-768-5600, or to email: Click Here. MediaBear looks forward to assisting you with your communications outreach. 

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MediaBear offers a wide variety of websites. Together they can effectively cross-market your business, products and services. And at rates you can afford.

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