MAIN is a local non-profit aggregator of local, state and national news that has long championed freedom of the press issues | More>

MAIN sues FCC over open Internet rules | More>

Listen LIVE on WNCW-FM radio | Arguably, Western North Carolina's best community-oriented radio station | More>

Asheville's only local television station is less local now under Sinclair ownership | WLOS 13 ABC in Asheville is now owned, and affected, by ultra-conservative Sinclair Broadcasting Group's nationwide mandatory content policy, as warns viewers "Watch Sinclair Broadcast Group News Anchors Parrot Their Bosses’ Opinions in Perfect, Deafening Unison," written by Matthew Dessem and published Mar. 31, 2018: More> | Related article, "News. Traffic. Weather. Trump: How Sinclair Broadcast Group and Boris Epshteyn took administration propaganda from the Oval Office to the local news," by Katy Waldman and published July 21, 2017, tackles the "less local, more conservatively vocal" national opinion policy required by Sinclair owners of WLOS TV-13: More>


10 green New Year's resolutions | At | More>

FTC slaps Facebook with privacy concerns | Reports | More>

New proposed laws to censor the Internet are now barreling through the U.S. Congress | Stop Congress, lobbyists and corporations that want to censor the Internet - and jail violators under proposed legislative acts, known as PIPA and SOPA | But there is at least one Congressman who is blowing the whistle and encouraging you to contact your congressman to stop the proposed SOPA and PIPA legislation | More>

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