Photo compliments of Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority


Lexington is divided into North and South Lexington with the demarcation line at Patton Avenue.

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For a QUICK LOOK at what's on Lexington, click here.

Traveling NORTH on Lexington from Patton Ave., visit:
1. Tops for Shoes
2. News of the Blue Sky
3. Chevron Beads
4. Cornerstone Minerals
5. Spiritex Organic Clothing
6. Instant Karma
7. Downtown Books and News
8. Hip Replacements
9. Crucible Glassworks
10. The Natural Home

The Natural Home * Photo compliments of LisaRing.com 

Traveling SOUTH on Lexington from Patton Ave., visit:
1. 16 Patton Fine Art Gallery
2. BlackBird Frame & Art

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For info about LAAFF, the annual Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival, click here.

*For the world-record tallest bicycle attempt by LAAFF co-founder Michael Mooney at LAAFF 2007, here's the video: click here.

*For MountainXpress's fine write-up about Mike Mooney, entitled "A Freak Folk Hero Is Something to Be," click here.



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