July 2008
Posted 7-26-2008
"When Markets Collide" World Economic Perspective by brilliant money manager Mohammed El-Erian Aired Recently on Charlie Rose Show | For a world perspective about the ecomony, listen to a recent Charlie Rose interview that aired on UNC-TV with Mohammed El-Erian, author of the new book, "When Markets Collide." It's the most interesting interview about the economy that most people will hear this year. A brilliant author interviewed by America's best talk-show journalist. It's a must-listen for everyone who has a job, car, house and family -- and wants to remain a vibrant part of the world today and tomorrow. El-Erian, one of USA's most successful money managers, is co-CEO of PIMCO (Pacific Investment Management Co.), which oversees $829 billion for investors. For video of interview, Click Here>

Posted 7-24-2008
*JUST RELEASED ANNUAL ASHEVILLE ECONOMIC REPORTSays We're Okay Despite Bad News Elsewhere | On July 23, 2008, the ninth annual Asheville Economy Outlook presented by Parsec Financial Management in cooperation with the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce gave their assessment to a live audience at Diana Wortham Theatre. Dr. James F. Smith, national economist with Parsec and Western Carolina University, along with Tom Tveidt, metro business research director with the chamber, revealed what their tea leaves are saying. For MountainXpress's update, Click Here>

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