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Mumpower Continues to Defend His Rumor Factory
Congressional Candidate Issues Second News Release that Involves Local Manufacturer, Plasticard Locktech International; "I have no idea if the information I gave them is correct," said Mumpower. "My job is to illuminate the information I have. It is up to Plastiform (sic) and ICE to determine if it is accurate."
*MUMPOWER DEFENDS HIS POSITION About Passing Rumors to I.C.E. | Asheville city council member and congressional candidate Carl Mumpower expanded his explanation for passing along rumored immigration violations to federal authorities about supposed illegal immigrants working at Asheville-based Plasticard Locktech International, the nation's largest key card manufacturer. Mumpower incorrectly refers to the company as Plastiform. | For Mumpower's Oct. 6, 2008, press release, Click Here> | For Mumpower's Oct. 7 press release, Click Here>

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