Bailout A Socialist Fairy Tale

The Doctor is Sicker than the Patient

EDITOR'S NOTE: This statement is published in its entirety with no editing and was released on Oct. 2, 2008. City council member Carl Mumpower is running as the Republican candidate for the U.S. Congress, District 11. He is running against freshman U.S. Rep. Heath Shuler.

Writes Mumpower: The House is expected to take action Friday on the heels of the Senate's Wednesday approval of a 700 billion dollar financial bailout plan.

Modifications to the original bill that failed on Monday appear to have eased fears of some House members. Capitol Hill leaders anticipate the House, like the Senate, will find majority support.

NC's 11th District Republican candidate Carl Mumpower does not support the latest plan and was pointed in his comments about the Senate vote and members of his own party.

"I expected the most liberal member of the Senate, Barack Obama, to buy into this socialistic fairy tale, but not an adult like John McCain," said Mumpower. "I am proud of Elizabeth Dole for taking a position in keeping with authentic Republican principles."

"We are treating the wrong patient," said Mumpower. "This bailout is founded on a false premise that government has the ability to control current financial realities. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, government helped pave the way to bad times, and the pork added to the Senate version of the bailout demonstrates the inability of this fox to take care of the hen house."

"Real fixes will not come from borrowing money from China and throwing it at Wall Street," said Mumpower. "Containing government's deficit spending with a balanced budget amendment and reforming the tax code are crucial," said Mumpower. "Getting a hand hold on the Treasury's printing press, developing policies that encourage Americans to save and invest, and regulatory reform toward transparency and honesty are authentic ways to restore trust."

"We are seeing something special happening in America today," said Mumpower. "Although our leaders are still running on the assumption we need their hollow assurances, the average person is not buying into our leaders' fear mongering or superficial solutions. Down deep we know that there are no quick fixes, and that the future rests where it always has - in our own two hard working hands."

Christian Psychiatrist Scott Peck, author of the "Road Less Traveled," coined another book 25 years ago called "People of the Lie," noted Mumpower. "It was his position that America was busy producing a generation of manipulators, pretenders, and imposters who were busy robbing the heart of the country. His words were prophetic."


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