Newman Joins FLS Energy

Brownie Newman Leaves Conservation Council, Joins FLS Energy

*NEWMAN HELPED ELECT New Leaders | The Conservation Council of North Carolina (CCNC) reported on Nov. 14, 2008, that Brownie Newman, who was employed as CCNC's political director, has now moved on to work with FLS Energy, a Black Mountain-based solar energy development company. Newman is also an Asheville city council member.

CCNC reported in its weekly Conservation Insider Bulletin: "After delaying his pending departure to help finish out the 2008 campaign, Brownie Newman has now officially wrapped up his tenure as CCNC political director. Brownie worked for CCNC since the fall of 2003, and has now moved on to his next challenge working with the Asheville (area) -based solar energy development company, FLS Energy.

"In his parting message to the CCNC board, Brownie said, 'I am excited about the progress the environmental community has made over the past several election cycles,' helping elect new leaders in both the state executive and legislative branches."

FLS Energy is based in Black Mountain, North Carolina. For more details about FLS, visit or Click Here> 


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