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Federal judge rules North Carolina gerrymandered congressional districts unconstitutional | Report by NYTimes.com: More>

'Politics North Carolina' is real news for concerned citizens | A fine website to understand what's really going on in North Carolina and nationwide; a strong counterweight to the Republican propaganda oozing from the swamp of clever-like-a-fox, fascist-wingnuts. | PoliticsNC.com: More>

Rep. Keith Ellison is the anti-Trump | Info at PDamerica.org: More>

2017 The Fight is ON: When it became obvious that Democratic Roy Cooper was going to become the new governor of North Carolina, the Republican-dominated state legislature stripped newly elected Democratic Governor Cooper of historical powers that came with the job. More> | Furthermore, the fight is on in the possible special elections in 2017 due to the unconstitutional gerrymandering by Republicans and the court-ordered new elections: More> | NC GERRYMANDERING UPDATE: Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court put a hold on resolving North Carolina's election mess brought on by NC Republicans' blatant gerrymandering and resulting lawsuits. Unfortunately, the U.S. Supreme Court might have thrown a monkey wrench into the lower court ruling that had previously promised NC voters to proceed with the special 2017 elections. Carolina Public Press (CPP) reports on this ever-widening complex and controversial free election matter: More>

Republican Power Play VERSUS The People: In the meantime, Gov. Roy Cooper threatens to see the NC Republicans in court. And for good reason. The GOP-dominated legislature took a nefarious political approach. The GOP is trying to prevent Cooper from taking action against issues the GOP support. This unprecedented, hurried and unethical, if not illegal, legislative move by the GOP ignores the voters' wishes. That is, the NC Republicans have acted against the wishes of the majority of NC voters who threw out their Republican governor in the 2016 elections and replaced him with a Democratic governor. It should have been a simple, standard, good-by to Pat McCrory, and a hello to Roy Cooper. The numbers don't lie. More>

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