Downtown Asheville


Public Interest Projects is worth knowing | One of Asheville's premier real estate development companies that has preserved and enhanced many buildings in Downtown Asheville. Founded by Julian Price and now overseen by Patrick Whalen, Ashevilleans have much to be thankful about how well Public Interest Projects has served the public good for many years. Further information is available at More>

Understanding the Asheville economy

► Sperling's provides a broad range of economic information about Asheville. It includes jobs, cost of living, crime rates, unemployment figures and the economy. Visit Sperling's website at | More>

► The U.S. Dept. of Labor provides current details of Asheville's "economy at a glance" | More>

► In 2017, Asheville's economy continues to grow in diversity with the tourism sector and new construction leading the way. MountainXpress, a local weekly, characterizes Asheville's economy as "booming." | More>


How Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs will hurt Asheville and the Carolinas | Asheville tourism will be negatively impacted by Trump's tariffs because many tourists from upstate South Carolina — and Spartanburg, SC, in particular, where 24% of its metro gross domestic product (GDP) is tied to exports — will be economically hurt and have less money to spend on non-essential expenses, such as travel and entertainment. Furthermore, local economies across North Carolina and South Carolina will be negatively impacted as well, because the Carolinas' manufacturing plants "make exportable products like vehicles, jet engines, electronics and pharmaceuticals," writes, on Mar. 7, 2018: More>


►Jan. 25, 2011: 51 Biltmore Ave. parking garage approved by Asheville City Council | More>