Downtown Asheville


Photo: Zen Sutherland

Are you doing your fair share... to Keep Asheville Weird?

There are so many wonderful ways in which residents, commuters and visitors help to Keep Asheville Weird. Of course, everyone has a different take on what it means. Perhaps it's best explained by seeing something weird, knowing that it's weird, but unable to explain what's so weird about it, except to say, "Ya just got to see it." And is helping to keep it real... weird.

What's on your weird radar? Have a story? A photo? A photo caption? A YouTube video? If so, let know how you are doing your part.

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Keep Asheville Weird, Part 1 | This video was a project overseen by MisterCongoArt for the benefit of a  faculty focus group at Carolina Day School to better understand what makes Asheville so weird, in a nice and silly way, via More>

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Are you doing your part to keep asheville weird? | "Keep Asheville Weird" has been a popular phrase and bumper sticker that has become a common sight in Downtown Asheville. It's akin to hippies in the days of old enjoying the phrase, and being accused of being a freak as in, "You're a freak." | In a similar good-natured way, count the ways that Ashevillians and those who love Asheville continue to KEEP ASHEVILLE WEIRD. | Click on the topics above to get a bead on what this all means.

"Can I get a 'Hell, Yeah'?" when Pussy Riot appears tonight at The Grey Eagle | Standing room only for Pussy's show on Tues., May 22, 2018. Tickets are still available to experience Russia's internationally known protest punk rock feminist band that Putin and Trump just can't stand. Two Pussy Riot women are out of Russian jail following their Punk Prayer "Virgin Mary, Put Putin Away" that landed them in Putin's jail for two years and simultaneously put them on the world protest music map, fighting for freedom everywhere. And, now, Pussy Riot will be coming to fight for freedom for Americans in the USA, USA, USA, not to mention getting a "Hell, yeah!" from Madonna for Pussy. And then there's Pussy Riot trashing a Trump Tower lobby, closing it down for a half hour. So it's only fitting the Pussy Riot freedom feminists are coming to the Blue Ridge Mountains to perform in Western North Carolina's liberal cesspool (AVL, AVL, AVL) amidst the world's oldest mountains at Asheville's music ground zero, otherwise known as The Grey Eagle in Asheville's River Art District. Doors open on Tues., May 22, 2018, at 7 p.m.; Pussy Riot's show starts at 8 p.m. Online tickets and concert news via More>


'From vibrating beds to infinity mirrors: motels that never left the 70s – photo essay' | Writes Jenny Valentish: photographer Kate Berry is '"not taking the piss" out of places the 70s never left. Rather, she’s troubled by the idea of once-thriving country towns marooned by new highways. There’s a seedy romance to a rundown motel, and photographer Kate Berry has made it her mission to capture regional Australia’s finest.' Published Mar. 19, 2019 at More>