Downtown Asheville

2012 BeerCity USA poll



Give a toast (of craft beer) to AVL and GRR | Asheville, NC, and Grand Rapids, MI, tied for first place in the 2012 BeerCity USA poll. Each of these craft beer city magnets garnered 32% of the vote. St. Louis, MO, placed a distant 3rd place at 6%, followed by Portland, OR, and Bend, OR, in a tie for 4th place with 4% each. | For the complete tally, followed by hundreds of nice and nasty, wooly and weird comments, visit or Click Here>


What makes HAPPY Asheville happier? Beer!
(but Grand Rapids is only 1% behind Asheville in 2012 BeerCity USA poll, so VOTE by May 13)

Asheville is going after (AGAIN) the annual BeerCity USA title | Yes, it's that time of year again. And, yes, it's a popularity contest, but who cares? It's fun to have some bragging rights at being Number One at something. | As of May 12, Grand Rapids, MI, is one percentage point behind Asheville; i.e., 30% vs. 31%. For weeks, the two cities have been in a neck-and-neck, see-saw battle for first place in the 2012 poll, followed by St. Louis in a distant third place. The city of Grand Rapids is more than twice as large in population as Asheville, and its metropolitan statistical area is over three times as large, 1.3 million versus 417,000. | To understand how little Asheville keeps winning the poll despite competing against 30 other finalists and cities far larger, visit or Click Here> | To become a total Asheville craft beer insider, beer fests and all, Click Here> | What's Asheville have that other beer competitors don't in the BeerCity USA poll? Enthusiasm, says Click Here> | To cast your vote for Asheville before voting ends midnight on Sun., May 13, 2012 — and email or twitter your family, friends, and complete strangers to ask them to VOTE FOR LITTLE 'OL ASHEVILLE — visit or Click Here>