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Asheville one of top cities to start a business | Listed by Wallet Hub, Asheville is ranked at 39 out of 1,261 US cities, via More>

Editorial: Craft brewers are now getting their way| Finally, the NC Republicans are helping the state's craft brewers with new legislation, explains

"Profitable giants like Amazon," GM, Delta Air Lines, Chevron and Duke Energy pay no taxes | Written by Stephanie Saul and Patricia Cohen, published April 29, 2019, by More>

Taking care of business in Raleigh | For WNC businesses who want to be heard, sign up by April 1 for 2019 Raleigh legislative trip on April 9 & 10. Organized by WNC chambers, via More>


Buy local, save local | Asheville Grown Business Alliance now offers the annual "Go Local Card" to support public education and local businesses. The 2019 card is now available for purchase. As always, it provides discount prices and special members-only offers. Buy in-person at local stores or go online to More>

Drones now delivering blood samples in NC | In an effort to speed up deliveries, UPS drones have been approved by the FAA, which is "the first revenue-generating drone delivery scheme in the US," reports Eric Adams on April 1, 2019, via More>

Kim's For Sale | Photo Byron Belzak

Loved Kim's Wigs? Been missin' Kim's? | A sweet new weird rock video, "I Love LA" by Starcrawler featuring bunches of hairdos and donuts, will remind Ashevilleans just how well Kim did its part in helping to Keep Asheville Weird for so many years. Maybe someday Starcrawler will do its weirdness live in Asheville to bring back some of that wigged out funkiness that Downtown Asheville has now lost. In the meantime, here's to wigs, music and fun compliments of, Youtube and Vevo — and more "goodbye" shots and stories of Kim's Wig Center's close-out in late 2017: More>UPDATE: The Asheville Club pours local brews where wigs once ruled, reports on June 6, 2018: More>

Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce |
Active. Alive. | Homepage at More>

Asheville HUB (City of Asheville's HUB Community Economic Development Alliance) | A catalyst for business collaboration at More>

Mountain BizWorks helps local businesses |
Helping locals succeed at More>

Non-profit S.C.O.R.E. gives free business advice |
Seasoned expert business provide local business owerns help. It's free for the asking. Set up an appointment, via More>

The U.S. used to have high tax rates on the rich | And why it makes sense now, too, as reported by economist Paul Krugman on Jan. 5, 2019, via More>

► is an excellent business networking calendar to keep you in the know on what's happening locally. | More>

► For this month's Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce calendar of events | Includes ribbon-cutting ceremonies: More>

► Rich countries are happier than poor countries | Denmark #1 | More>

► 'Stop coddling the super-rich,' writes billionaire Warren Buffett on Aug. 14, 2011 | More>


► Celebrate nature this Friday | Free meetup party and new wildflower book signing 6:30 to 8 p.m., Fri., July 15, at Compleat Naturalist in Biltmore Village | More>

Each year the public is invited to listen to insights and observations from local economists about the outlook for the Asheville area, state and national economies | For a number of years, two key speakers have spoken at the event: Asheville Chamber of Commerce's Tom Tveidt, who heads up the chamber's Asheville Metro Business Research Center and Parsec Financial Management chief economist James F. Smith. | Typically doors open at 5 p.m.; the economic outlook talk will be from 5:30 to 6:30. It is free and open to the public. | The event highlights Tom Tveidt, who usually focuses on local economic facts and analysis while Smith usually casts his view on national and international economic trends. | Typically, the event is  held in Downtown Asheville at the Diana Wortham Theatre, which is located on Pack Square. | If you cannot attend, in the last couple of years the event has been broadcast live online at | For details, call the Chamber at 828-258-6101, visit or Click Here> | For directions, Click Here> | For two-minute preview video by Tom Tvedit, who says "the news is not all good" and "is a little bit wary" of the health care sector, Click Here>

ASA'S FIRST SEMINAR AD (Click Here): Appeared in July 2009 Rapid River Magazine to announce "First-time Home Buyers Seminar" presented July 16 by mortgage banker David Kanis of Ashford Mortgage Advisors and Mike Sowinski, CPA, of CFO Consultants

Financial Wellness Forum begins free weekly seminars for public on July 16
Outreach program to improve citizens' financial IQ, begins Thurs., July 16 first-time home buyers' seminar

*ASHEVILLE STRATEGIC ALLIANCE (ASA), a group of community-minded professionals, announced it will begin to conduct ongoing weekly financial seminars beginning this Thursday evening. | The free seminar is entitled "Smart Mortgages for First-Time Home Buyers" and will begin at 6 p.m. on Thurs., July 16, 2009. A new seminar will be presented every week at no charge on a first-come, first-served basis. The public is invited to attend each seminar, which will be held at the ASA headquarters in downtown Asheville. | The free seminars are designed to increase the public's financial I.Q. and help people improve their personal financial future. | Once a month a special seminar for small business owners will also be conducted for free. | The Asheville Strategic Alliance is located at 149 South Lexington Ave., within the Lexington Station complex, which is one block from The Orange Peel. | For details about this seminar and a complete list of the other seminars every Thursday evening, 
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City Calls for Local Federal Recovery Project Proposals *THE CITY OF ASHEVILLE WANTS PROPOSALS from local organizations and agencies so it can present a community portfolio of projects to be considered for funds available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The local project portfolio will be available for public review. It will also be made available to state or federal agencies. The purpose: to demonstrate the community’s capacity to effectively use recovery funds. | For details,

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Small business conference Feb. 27 and party Feb. 28 | More>

'Summit on Business and Aging' April 14
*'BOOMERS AND BEYOND' CONFERENCE on April 14, 2009, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at UNCA
| "Boomers and Beyond: A Summit on Business and Aging" is designed for business owners, non-profit organization leaders, government officials, and students interested in discovering the economic potential of boomers and retirees. | Speakers include Glenn Ruffenach (editor of “Encore,” Wall Street Journal); Dr. William “Tilt” Thompkins (professor, WCU Institute for the Economy and the Future Economist); Tom Tveidt (dir. of research, Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce);  Dr. Harry R. Moody (dir. of academic affairs, AARP), and other local and regional panelists. | For details, visit or
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Seniors to Receive One-Time Check for $250
*BY THE END OF MAY 2009, Social Security's one-time economic payment will be made to those who qualify. | For details,
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Progress Cracks the Door to Conservation
*MIKE HOPPING REPORTS on the Latest News and Noise from Progress Energy
| Read journalist/author Michael Hopping's even-handed and new report about Progress Energy plans to deliver power in the future. Entitled "News You Can Use," and filed on Nov. 14, 2008, this report touches on convervation opportunities:
Click Here> | Hopping's previous report, entitled "Welcome to My World: CEAC XVI," filed on Oct. 10, 2008, reveals that Progress Energy will keep pushing its worn-out agenda of increased coal pollution and nutty nuclear in the name of electrical power: 

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Brownie Newman Leaves Conservation Council, Joins FLS Energy
| The Conservation Council of North Carolina (CCNC) reported on Nov. 14, 2008, that Brownie Newman, who was employed as CCNC's political director, has now moved on to work with FLS Energy, an Asheville-based solar energy development company. Newman is also an Asheville city council member. | For details about Newman's move,
Click Here> | For details about FLS Energy,

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 WNC to Get First Large-Scale Solar Farm
*Marketwatch reported on Oct. 27, 2008, three carolina companies will partner together to make solar farm a reality | For details about the FLS Energy, Progress Energy and Evergreen Packaging project on a former landfill:

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Paulson Announces New Federal Reserve's Consumer Facility with '$200 Billion Starting Point' to Guarantee Consumer Loans: Consumer credit loan facility is designed to jump-start U.S. economy by providing more loans to consumer | This Tues. morning, Nov. 25, 2008, U.S. treasury secretary Hank Paulson said "the lack of consumer credit" is hurting the American economy. Consequently, he announced the formation of a new fed facility that would help get credit moving to consumers in time for the holiday buying season. Report by Mediabear. | "Feds bet $800 billion on consumers." Report by Click Here> | "New facility targets consumer lending." Report by Click Here> |"U.S. unveils new programs to ease credit." Report by Click Here> | "Slight rise in consumer confidence." Report by

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Feds to Buy $600 Billion in Mortgage-Backed Assets: U.S. Treasury rolls out new plan, using TARP money to help keep the banking industry stable and safe | U.S. treasury secretary Hank Paulson said today that the newly announced purchase of $600 billion in mortgage-backed assets is designed to keep America's banks safe. The historic action is hoped to free up new mortgage money. The huge cash infusion is designed, in part, to allow for banks to process loan modifications for homeowners who are having trouble making their monthly mortgage payments. Paulson said: "The trouble is getting the balance right between the homeowners and the banks. ... We're working hard [on this mortgage problem], and we're making progress." Report by MediaBear. | "Paulson's rescue plan is called 'TARP'." Background report by Click Here> | "Economy shrinking, home prices dropping." Report by Click Here> | To apply for loan modification, visit of Asheville, NC, or

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But Says Its 'Treating the Wrong Patient'
| City council member Carl Mumpower, who is running as the Republican candidate for the U.S. Congress, District 11, does not support the modified $700 billion bailout plan, calling it a "socialistic fairy tale." In his campaign's most recent Mission Statement, he added: "We are treating the wrong patient. This bailout is founded on a false premise that government has the ability to control current financial realities. Nothing could be further from the truth." | For complete article,
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*WHY THE REVISED BAILOUT PLAN Remains a Bad Idea | Columnist Pat Richards writes: "Everyone keeps saying that the $700 billion 'rescue' plan will 'unfreeze' the international credit markets, and then the sun will rise again on Wall Street and light up a new day for our economy. That's a sweet dream, but it's only a dream. Here's why." |
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*CNN MONEY GIVES EXPERTS A CHANCE to Avoid Today's Politics and Tell What They Know and Believe | Perhaps U.S. Congressmen will heed what housing experts say and craft a better bailout bill for individual Americans because, say some experts, the reason for the financial crisis remains mortgages and housing. | For CNN's "It's the Housing, Stupid,"
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*CONGRESS SHOULD CONSIDER Economic Rescue for All Americans | Ben Foster of Benz Signs in South Buncombe forwards this thoughtful blog about alternatives to the modified Paulson plan |
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*BANK BAILOUT Versus Homeowner Security | Asheville consulting engineer Phil Bisesi wants Congress to "vote for the citizens and small investors, rather than the big investors, banks and brokers." Here's Bisesi's strategy to reduce the risk and the price tag of the bailout for taxpayers. |
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*ROBERT REICH EXAMINES WHAT CONGRESS Is About to Do | And why American taxpayers are going to be angry. | For the published "almost-done-deal" article by former Sec. of Labor, now Berkeley prof. Reich,
Click Here> | For Reich's blog,

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 "How to Attract Business in a Down Economy" | 9-11:30 a.m. at Asheville Chamber, 36 Montford Ave.
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*2008 ANNUAL ASHEVILLE ECONOMIC REPORT Says We're Okay Despite Bad News Elsewhere | On July 23, 2008, at the ninth annual Asheville Economy Outlook provided an local and national assessment. | For MountainXpress's update,
Click Here> | For Asheville Daily Planet article, Click Here>

*MOST CORPORATIONS Don't Pay Taxes | Says Government Accountability Office study.
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*CHARLIE ROSE SHOW Examines World Economy | To watch money manager Mohamed El-Erian of PIMCO talk with PBS journalist Charlie Rose

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* The Impact of Venture Capital:

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* Scott Love Knows How to Sell:

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