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See the Blue Supermoon in 2018


Get ready for a full SUPER BLUE BLOOD MOON early morning of Weds., Jan. 31, 2018 | If the weather cooperates Weds. night, a bigger and brighter than usual full moon will be beautiful. There was a supermoon in early January, and now, there will be the second full moon in the same month that is also a  SUPERMOON. It's a once in a super blue moon opportunity, so to speak. The last time this happened was 150 years ago, according to The Guardian. | More>

Well get ready for a BLUE SUPERMOON in 2018 Mark Jan. 2 and Jan. 31, 2018, on your calendar

Hey guys, did you see the full SUPERMOON last night after Saturday Night Live was over?
It was spectacular; it was a bigger than usual and brighter than usual full moon. As the wee hours approached, particularly at 3 a.m. on Sunday morning, Dec. 3, 2017, the supermoonlight was stunning.

With last night's (i.e., Sat. going into Sun.) full supermoon, you could easily have thought you had left on your outdoor lights. But, no, you didn't; it was moonlight like no other, and it was such a clear and dry night in Asheville on the evening of Dec. 2 going into Dec. 3. All our lucky stars had lined up, so to speak.

If you had experienced the full supermoon, no doubt you'd agree is was a strange, beautiful sight. It truly deserved a walk outside and even a circle around the yard to take it all in. The supermoonlight was almost blinding when you look directly at the moon. You could even see some moon craters, even with the bare eye. Absolutely spellbinding.

The supermoon on Sat. night was sort of weird, too — which fits well into the city's popular moniker: Keep Asheville Weird.

Plus, this time we got some help from above, so we must be living right lately — proof how wrong some local critical folks are who say going downtown is going into a cesspool of sin. I figure they must be jealous that they weren't invited to pedal on the downtown Beer Wagon, because drinking and pedaling and yelling and waving at strangers in the middle of the day or in the middle of the night seems to be more like having fun than creating sin. Just sayin'.

Yeah, don't despair if you missed it (that is, both the supermoon and the new episode of SNL). You're in luck. While there was only one full supermoon in 2017 (and that was Dec.2/3), two more supermoons will appear in 2018. One on Jan. 2 and another on Jan. 31, 2018.

Because there will be TWO full moons in the same month, the SECOND full moon on Jan. 31, 2018, will be correctly referred to not simply as a Blue Moon, but as a Blue Supermoon. Too cool, aye? for both the scientist and the artist in you. 

So wish for clear weather on the evenings of Jan. 2, 2018, and Jan 31, 2018. More importantly, let your sweetheart know about it, too — you romantic old dog, you! It just might inspire you to blurt out something corny too, such as, "Well, this only happens once in a BLUE SUPERmoon, honey. So what do you think?!" She'll forgive you for staying up late. It's a mighty moonlight experience, guaranteed.

For more details, go to Huffingtonpost: More>

And what about buying a good bottle of wine to celebrate this weird, witchy, romantic, moonlit experience? Well, you're on your own, pal — although some say a Pino Noir is the hip thing lately. Just sayin'. Happy mooning.


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By Byron Belzak