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'The Terrible Trump Portrait That Explains Everything,' an opinion essay by  William Rivers Pitt, explains why politics has gone array today | "The administrations and legacies of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush combine to tell a long, sorry tale of corruption, greed, brazen lies, abused power and religious fundamentalism gone wild that, in whole and in part, put us where we are today," writes Pitt; published Oct. 18, 2018, at More>

Trump and the politics of fear | "Fear," written by Bob Woodward, puts the bookend to Watergate, via More>

"This is about America" | By Nicholas Kristof of More>

"Homeland Security wants to monitor journalists" | "Time to sound the alarm," reports writer Bonnie Kristian of on April 10, 2018. Perhaps its because Trump has said, "It is frankly disgusting that the press is able to write whatever it wants to write." Freedom of the Press is the first in line amendment of the U.S. Constitution, something the president and his Republican promoters of authoritarianism choose to ignore. makes more sense by the minute: More>

James Comey's new book "set to turn up heat on Trump" | The former FBI director’s book, "A Higher Loyalty," set for release in mid-April, 2018, "is likely to fuel claims that the president obstructed justice but will also put his own actions under scrutiny," reports More>

Asheville's "rapid response protest" in place | Should Trump fire Robert Mueller, Ashevilleans and over 300,000 Americans across the nation are set to protest immediately "because nobody is above the law," reports More>

Why North Carolina should sue the U.S. Census Bureau | Twelve other states already have, and for good reason: More> | UPDATE: NC joins in lawsuit against Trump administration adding citizenship question to upcoming census, reports on April 3, 2018: More>

Has 'Trump TV' arrived in Asheville? | WLOS TV13 ABC in Asheville is now owned, and affected, by ultra-conservative Sinclair Broadcasting Group's nationwide mandatory content policy. So warns viewers in its revealing article, "Watch Sinclair Broadcast Group News Anchors Parrot Their Bosses’ Opinions in Perfect, Deafening Unison." Many within the media are hyper critical of Sinclair's national, not local, conservative, propaganda content policy — dubbed by some as "Trump TV": More>

How Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs will hurt Asheville and the Carolinas | Asheville tourism will be negatively impacted by Trump's tariffs, reports at More>